Monday, July 28, 2014

Planning Perfect Parties for Kids Kit Review/Giveaway! Ends 8/11

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Inspired by imagination and curiosity, Capstone Young Readers creates entertaining and informative reading experiences that generate excitement and love for reading.

Our girls are school age now which means they'll be making friends. While we're not quite ready for sleep overs just yet, our oldest daughter does have a friend from preschool that comes over and spends the night, so this book was a great starting point to make hang outs more fun. 

As you can see from the photo above, this is quite the party kit! Along with a book full of suggestions with party themes as well as do's and dont's for a successful party, this kit also comes with rockin' sunglasses (6), plastic martini glasses for "mocktails" (set of 6), a $10 itunes gift card to create the ultimate play list, a plastic guitar and metallic pen for a guest book and limited edition temporary tattoos. Our girls love to have fun and be goofy, so this whole kit is right up their alley. 

I think the best part of this kit is the tattoos. As a parent with tattoos, the girls love mine and always want a temporary tattoo on whenever possible. Since its Summer and we're out of school, they can have as many as they'd like so it was impossible to say no with these sheets full of fun designs. 

With fun glasses, there's enough for our girls and their friends. I like that there's different colors so everyone can remember who's is who's, and since there isn't any type of lenses they're great for inside. The inflatable guitar is a cute accent piece to go along with the glasses, and it blows up fast. With so many animals in our home, it's something that can be popped easily so we have to ensure it's put up when not in use. 

What kid doesn't love music?! With the iTunes gift card, we purchased some kid friendly music for the girls to dance around to and have fun together. While we listen to country music, having something just for them made their play date that much more special. 

I have mixed emotions about the plastic drinking glasses. While they're cute and a fun idea, I think a different shape would've been better. While I don't drink, it does look a little strange to see kids drinking out of plastic martini glasses. 

I know as our girls get older we'll be having many little parties. This book will be handy to have since it has suggestions for different themes, check lists so you don't forget things, nice tips for a great party, and simple supplies you can get to make your parties stand out more. 

Win this entire kit for the little girl(s) in your life! 
Retail value is $60 and open to US residents 18+yrs old. 
To purchase Planning Perfect Parties and receive 50% off the purchase price, visit their website and enter the code "EXCLUSIVE" at checkout. 

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