Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday: Week 67

Welcome to week 67 of Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday! I did an intro post where I explained my goal in posting these every week and how you can submit your photo to be featured. Check out the post if you need to refresh your memory. Since I've went through all my tattoos, now I'll be sharing photos I've found online, and the occasional viewer submission when they come in.

Online Find

I love colored tattoos. I think it gives them character and they're easier to see from a distance. I've had this tattoo image sitting on my computer for quite some time and I figured I'd better share it with you all! 

My first thought in this tattoo was "Man that took some time!" The lines are so crisp and fine, there's so much color, and all the detail to make the many faces all sync up together perfectly. I love the shadow around the neck area, and even though it stops abruptly instead of fading out, I think it looks good on the skin. I can't see any black in this image, and that's one tattoo I'd love to get in the future. No black outline. Color only and different shades of color to create depth and get the point across. 

Fabulous job! 

Any of you have no black outline tattoos?! I'd love to see them!