Thursday, July 17, 2014

WubbaNub Pacifiers Review

Thanks to WubbaNub for the item to help with this review

They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and for Carla Schneider, it was an absolute necessity that she soothe her infant baby on their first vacation as a family. What was supposed to be a relatively relaxing, blissful time was replaced with non-stop fussing and crying. After days of the ever-persistent “missing pacifier syndrome”, Carla knew she needed to take matters into her own hands. She found the hotel sewing kit and took her baby’s favorite soft plush toy and sewed the pacifier right onto it. Thus, a happy ending for the Schneider family’s vacation and the birth of the first WubbaNub!

Our hospital gives out Soothe pacifiers if you decide to give them your baby. I've always liked them the best, and when I discovered WubbaNub I thought it was a great invention! Our cats were always stealing our baby's pacifiers and chewing the tips off, so I made the purchase from Zoey's Attic for Mya's first WubbaNub pacifier. I chose the dog as a Christmas gift since she was only a couple weeks old, and it was a huge hit! Fast forward to Easter and I made another WubbaNub purchase from Buy Buy Baby and decided on the duck since it went with the Easter theme. Since Mya and I both loved the WubbaNub product so much, I decided to contact them in hopes of a review, and was sent the adorable pacifier with an attached giraffe. 

With already having two pacifiers, I knew what Mya would think. She is especially attached to her dog and sleeps with it at night. While she doesn't rely on them so much now to use as a pacifier, they're a comfort to her and enjoys playing and snuggling them when ever possible. 

As soon as I opened the packaging and gave Mya her new WubbaNub giraffe, I got an instant smile. It's like she knew exactly what it was! It's soft to the touch, and squishy for wiggly babies. There's so many benefits of having WubbaNub pacifiers in our home. For one, our cats no longer try to steal the pacifiers since they're attached to a toy and they're so much easier to find because of being attached to the animal. My kids help look on occasion when they seem to get "lost" and since I can say, "Look for the dog/duck/giraffe" it's always a quick find and we're on our way. 

  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • Made with a Soothie™ medical grade, latex free pacifier, non-toxic polyethylene pellets
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free
  • The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner.
  • Newborns less than six months of age or babies without teeth (not suggested for the stage of teething)
  • WubbaNub™ functions as one! Patented design prevents pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten!
  • Carefully calculated weight and size of the plush animal keeps the WubbaNub Pacifier near baby’s mouth, whether in the car seat, baby sling, carrier and stroller and even while you hold your baby!
  • Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier.
  • Hand Washable or Machine Washable

Until this review, I didn't know the WubbaNub pacifiers were machine washable! As you can see above, with the dog being Mya's favorite stuffed animal, it gets a lot of wear and tear. When she was sick with a head cold recently, you couldn't pull the two apart from each-other, so it got very dirty. Once I found out you can indeed wash them in a washing machine (using a garment bag and gentle cycle) and then let me air dry, I gave it a go after her nap since she sleeps with it.

When I pulled it out of the washer, it didn't feel soaked. You could tell it was wet but I was happy that it wasn't drenched in water because this meant it would dry a lot faster. By the time she went to bed it felt fine and she was happy to see it just like every night.

While Mya doesn't chew on the pacifier, I can see why its suggested for 6 months and under. When teething, babies chew on anything, and there is a chance they can chew the nipples off these pacifiers. She uses her WubbaNubs for more than the pacifier and since she's so attached to them, I've thought of cutting the pacifiers off when she gets teeth. She just turned 7 months old and has yet to cut her first tooth so she has some time before the need to alter them comes in to play.

WubbaNub comes in a variety of cute animals to choose from. They're available at many stores such as Zoey's Attic and Buy Buy Baby that I've already mentioned, and then there's a handy Store Locator on their website so you can find stores or online retailers in your area. Price varies depending on where you look and I've seen them range from $12-$16. I do wish they were a little more affordable because they're so cute and hold up well over time. 

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