Saturday, August 16, 2014

PBS KIDS to premiere two new specials! August 18

Two of our girls' favorite PBS shows are airing new specials this Monday, August 18!! With our two oldest girls in school, I already have my DVR set to record both new specials so we can all watch them after they get home. Since we watch PBS often we've been seeing a lot of commercials for the Danial Tiger's Neighborhood special. Every time the commercial airs, our two year old tells me to turn it so she can see it. I gotta say I'm pretty excited too! Let me tell you why below...

“Meet the New Baby” will celebrate the arrival of a new addition to the Tiger Family: Daniel Tiger’s little sister Margaret! After the special, PBS KIDS will premiere two more new episodes on Tuesday, August 19, and Wednesday, August 20, focusing on Daniel and his family as they adjust to life with the baby. 

In “Classic in the Jurassic,” kids travel through time with the Pteranodon family to an Olympic-type competition in which dinosaur teams representing three Mesozoic time periods compete in contests. Following the special, new episodes of DINOSAUR TRAIN air on PBS KIDS throughout the week.

PBS is a great learning channel for our kids and its a way for our two year old and myself to have some time together in the morning. We love cuddling in the recliner and watching several shows, and I love listening to her talk along, help them with questions, and really engage in the experience of fun learning. 

We're ready for next week, are you?!