Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Smart Mom Jewelry: Teething Bangles Review

Thanks to Smart Mom Jewelry for my Bracelets to help with this review

Smart Mom LLC is a truly unique company. Staffed entirely by Moms, everything is handled in our Maryland offices. That means if you have a question or concern, you’ll reach one of us. And because we’re all Moms, we understand what it’s like to have little ones underfoot. That’s why we make it so easy for you to contact us – email, Facebook, tweet, blog or call, we’ll answer right away. And we don’t mind crying babies in the background!

Even though I have four little girls, we never looked much in to special teethers and toys. After our third daughter I'd learned about Smart Mom Jewelry and thought the idea of wearable teething jewelry was a genius thing I'd never heard of! 

Fast forward to our fourth daughter and surprisingly at the age of three months old she showed all the signs of teething. I was sure she would cut teeth at an early age, and I tried a variety of options to give her relief with this tough thing her body was putting her through. I reached out to Smart Mom Jewelry at the end of June for some more bangles because the one we had was a huge hit with Mya and her favorite teether to use. I loved the thought of having a variety to use with her, and also having extras in case she drops one in public or like with our only one, dropping it and me not realizing right away. I was excited when they said yes to a review of three beautifully colored bangles and then the wait was on for them to arrive!

These bangles are just a small variety of the many colors and designs they offer. I like how simple they are because they can go with anything, and they're soft for you and baby to ensure they don't hurt themselves when chomping away with sore gums. Teething Bling products are made from a food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone and they wipe clean easily. They're a one size fits most bracelet, and you can purchase matching necklaces as well with the bangles.

At the end of July we had to attend the "Meet the Teacher" night for our two oldest girls at school, and I knew I had the perfect dress for my bangles! As you see above, I have a very pretty chevron hot pink and black maxi dress. Since I'm not much of a jewelry person I don't have a lot of pieces in my collection, but with the addition of the bangles, they were the perfect accessory. Mya had been crabby that day and I even thought of asking my Mother-In-Law to babysit, but I decided to take her along and I knew I'd have the bangles if she got cranky. Sure enough, even though we weren't there long, she started getting cranky and didn't want to stop moving, so I gave her my two bangles and she quickly changed her whole mood. As you can see in the above photo she has a mouth full of bangle and a big smile on her face! She was trying to use both at once but she couldn't quite figure it out. ;) 

I'm so happy with these bangles and glad there's now three in our collection to help her as she ages and gains more teeth. Since she currently only has two, she still has a long way to go in her teething journey!

Above you'll see a wide variety of options available from Smart Mom Jewelry and their website. They all come in a selection of color options and since there's so much to choose from there's bound to be something for everyone. Prices vary depending on the items and you can also purchase gift sets of the bangles and matching necklaces. 

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