Monday, September 15, 2014

Harvest Snaps Review

Thank you Harvest Snaps for providing me with the snaps for this review.

"You might think we’re a little pea-brained, but at Calbee North America, we don’t think great taste should be compromised. You see, our mission is as simple as our products: delicious, natural and good for you. Our passion is to offer you something wholesome and tasty, so you can enjoy snacking the way it should it be. Because to us, a snack is more than just a bag with a name. It’s a privilege you should celebrate every day, anywhere with anyone! So the next time you’re crunching at a soccer game, nervously munching during a thrilling movie, or opening up a bag "just because," we want you know we think you’re snacking the right way, the Harvest Snaps way."

When it comes to "what’s inside" Harvest Snaps, it all starts with the clean flavors and essential nutrients Mother Nature intended. Snapea Crisps are made with all-natural peas – 70%* to be exact – while Lentil Snaps come packed with 65% authentic lentils and their powerful combination of nutrients. With each handful your body will soak up Vitamin B, calcium, iron, folate, potassium and dietary fiber. Finish that off with a high level of protein and fiber and you’re sure to feel satisfied without feeling sluggish. Not to mention, these snappy little snacks are gluten-free! 

Harvest Snaps sent me 4 Snapea Crisps flavors and 2 Lentil Snaps flavors for a review. I'm beyond excited to share with you my thoughts on these. When I first heard about these snacks, I thought they were kind of like dried peanuts, except peas instead. I couldn't have been more wrong. These crisps are more like a thick baked chip. While they aren't as crunchy as a chip, they are loaded with delicious flavorings. They made it to my house quickly and they were packaged very securely.

These look like spicy, well-seasoned french fries but are more nutrient dense and just as, if not more, delicious and crunchy! If you're tired of the same old potato chip or just want a healthier but delicious alternative, this is it! They have a texture that is somewhat similar to cheese puffs but unlike cheese puffs, the crisps have flavoring all the way through, not just on top!

Caesar Crisps are tangy and savory. Usually caesar is rich in flavor but, high in calories. Since these are Made from 60% pea, you can indulge in that one-of-a-kind Caesar taste without the guilt. These were a great addition to the tops of my salads. Not only did they add a little hint of caesar flavoring, but they also gave my salad a little pizzazz.

Wasabi Ranch is not what I expected. I usually don't like anything wasabi flavored because it's a very overpowering flavor. These crisps are lightly coated with wasabi flavor so you can get the taste without it burning your mouth or covering up the ranch. This is such a creative and surprisingly delicious combo. The kick of wasabi paired with the cool ranch was AMAZING!

Lightly Salted has a smooth, mild flavor of the pea is already delicious. Perfect for a post-workout snack, lunch side or crunchy topping on a salad. These can go with anything and still taste great. I carry these in my purse as a snack for the kids. They love the crunch and I love that they are full of fiber and NON-GMO. 

Black Pepper was my favorite! This isn't a flavor you find in many snacks but, I wish it were. There's a hint of spice with each crispy bite you take. Get ready for a warm kick of flavor your taste buds won’t forget. It's a good thing these are low in calories and fat because I ate half of the bag in one sitting!

Onion Thyme is another flavor for people with an acquired taste for onion. My husband hates anything onion and he didn't like the smell of them (or the smell of me when I ate them) but they were good. Not my first pick because I don't usually like onion flavored things and this crisp packs a full onion thyme taste. It's sweet yet tangy paired with the slightly minty, dry herbal taste of thyme. Perfect for the onion lover!

Tomato Basil is bursting with ripe tomato flavor. With sweet and aromatic basil on a light, crispy lentil base, these are perfect for the tomato lovers. I used these as a side with my grilled cheese sandwich and it was a great combo.

I was blown away with these products and would recommend them to anyone looking for a healthy alternative to the potato chip. Prices on these Harvest Snaps products vary by location.

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Sandyjade V said...

I just realized these are gluten free. Yay!