Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mya Update: 9 Months Old

While you've seen Mya in review photos, my last official update was when she turned 6 months old. Now that she's officially 9 months old, that means another update!

In these last 3 months Mya has learned to scoot which turned in to a full crawl, sit up, pull up to things, and even escape her Bumbo!

In my last update, Mya was still relying on Oatmeal cereal a lot, with occasional baby food. I started mixing in baby food with the Oatmeal, and then she eventually was able to eat baby food by itself. She hates all types of vegetable baby food (none of our kids liked veggies) so she eats a lot of bananas and yummy fruits. Around 7 months old, we started with small table foods that were mushy, easy to chew, and something she didn't have to work hard with. Once she gained her two teeth in her 8th month, it made it a little easier for things like mac & cheese and other fun foods. 

I'm so happy that she's also now sitting up! She went from scooting to crawling, which then helped her half sit up. Everyone knows that hip/side tush sit babies do and then they prop their hands in front of them.... yeah, she did that for about a week before fully sitting. She loves following her sisters in to the play room and getting in on the fun of toys and spending time together. I love when this happens because it's my time to cook dinner, clean up around the house, or just have those five minutes of some what quiet in the living room, even though I can see the playroom and hear them very well LOL

She had her 9 month check up today and weighs 18.8lbs and 27 inches long! This means in 3 months she's gained exactly 3lbs and grown 1in in length. 

I can't think of much more at this moment other than she's growing great, thriving as she learns, and we couldn't be more thankful to have her in our lives. When you next hear about Mya fully she'll be ONE YEAR OLD, we'll discuss her birthday, and 1yr check up!!!!