Friday, September 26, 2014

PlaSmart Happyville Smart Mat Review *Holiday Gift Guide*

Thanks to PlaSmart Inc for the Play Mat to help with this review

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"PlaSmart Inc. is a global toy distributor specializing in smart, simple, toys and games. PlaSmart began its journey to worldwide success with the introduction of The Original PlasmaCar in 2003 and today its products can be found in more than sixty countries on five continents.

PlaSmart’s innovative and quality products have won numerous and prestigious toy awards. The company focuses on toys that develop motor and dexterity skills, balance, creative and imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and, of course, entertainment.  PlaSmart is proud to work with toy inventors and designers who share its vision."

The PlaSmart Happyville Smart Foam Play Mat features a colorful city scene for imaginative vehicle play. This baby floor mat is made of coated EVA foam that is both soft and easy to keep clean. Featuring a large surface area, this mat boasts comfortable fabric and lively colors to keep kids engaged and entertained. Made of durable, lasting material, the kid's play mat can be easily rolled or folded for convenient storage.

The first thing I said when opening the package to this play mat was, "Wow, It's so bright and colorful!" There's no hiding the fact that this 78"L x 46"W colorful city scene mat is unbelievably eye-catching. As soon as it was unrolled and I sat a few heavy toys on the ends to help flatten it out, my little boy squealed with joy! His first reaction was to run circles on the coated EVA foam. The foam is thick enough to add comfort to the feet, knees, and hands while playing. I usually run into problems with mats curling up at the ends and tripping the kids but, the ends of the PlaSmart Smart Foam Play Mat stayed flattened to the floor. The bottom of the mat also seems to grip to the floor nicely to prevent sliding around.

Brantley and I ran to his room to collect all of his cars and trucks to test out the roads on the play mat. All of his trucks smoothly glide across this mat from place to place. The roads were wide enough to fit every kind of car he had. We drove them through the carwash, to the teddy bear store, and around the water fountain. There were so many places to visit and we had a lot of fun playing. There are pools, train tracks, places to eat, hospitals, and so much more. One thing I didn't like was the way the same places are repeated 3 times. It actually took me an entire week of playing on and looking at the mat before I realized it. Everything is blended so well that it's not something you notice right away. 

One of the best things about the mat is that it's durable and easy to clean. If you have children then you know that kids are professionals at spilling drinks. Brantley likes to purposely pour his cups out onto our living room carpet so he can stomp in it. One day I seen that little mean smile come across his face and he dropped his cup of water onto the play mat. None of it soaked into the mat even though he was stomping away at it while I ran to find a towel. With one wipe of a towel it was as good as new!

When the PlaSmart Happyville Smart Foam Play Mat is not in use, it can be stored easily by simply rolling it up. This is great for traveling and could be a great thing to take along to the playground for your child that's too small for the playground equipment.

You can visit PlaSmart's website HERE.
Buy this Happyville Play mat at Walmart and Kohl's for around $25.00.
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