Saturday, September 6, 2014

Re-Play: Recycled Children's Eatery Review

Thanks to Re-Play for the items to help with this review
Re-Play Products are made from recycled milk jugs! It's a better alternative for parents looking to make the planet a better place for their children as well as future generations.

I saw Re-Play two years ago on a blog, and shortly after that we purchased some plates and bowls for our (then) two little girls. I loved the idea of a divided plate because our second daughter didn't like food to touch, and enjoyed that they came in fun colors of recycled materials. At the time, I didn't realize our local Wal-Mart sold them, so we purchased online and have used them ever since. 

I've been wanting to expand our Re-Play quantity so I reached out for the gracious review and also got to see how some new items worked with their forks, spoons, and cups. 

Some of the many features include: 
  • Spoon has a deep scoop for children learning to use utensils
  • Fork has durable, rounded tips for your child's safety
  • Drinking cups are sized just right for the thirstiest toddler and stackable for easy storage
  • Divided plate's deep walls are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves.
  • The bowls deep walls are perfect for snacks, soups and cereal.

Since we've used Re-Play for a couple years, I've had more than the normal review time to use their items. I've found that since they're plastic, they come clean very easy. Some food may not get rinsed completely, but it comes off quickly when washing. I've found that cereal especially is easiest for these bowls to help with sticking, and even baby oatmeal peels right off if not rinsed out immediately after use. Since our 2yr old loves feeding herself, she only eats out of Re-Play items. Since the walls are high she can scoop food with the wall's help and not make a mess. I mentioned above that our second daughter doesn't like food to touch and this is still a slight issue for her, so even when it comes to things like Pot Roast, I'm able to sort everything in to its own spot and she can pick and choose what she wants to eat. 

While Macyn can use adult utensils, I like her to feel comfortable with items her own size. We've had two kids spoons for a couple years from our older girls, but I thought if she had a child's spoon, she could eat things like cereal and oatmeal a lot better with less spills. I like using these forks for our baby Mya since she's now eating table food, but I did notice they fork prongs are a bit flimsy when it comes to trying to break apart something using the fork (for example a tater tot). Our girls don't seem to have any issues with the utensils and since they all match, no one gets confused about mixing forks around between them because they just have to look at their cup or plate to remember their color. 

While Macyn drinks out of sippy cups, there's the occasional Sprite "treat" or something that can't go in a sippy cup. She likes her sisters' plastic cups, but I thought the Re-Play cups would provide her with better grip due to their size around, as well as a smaller over all opening, that she could play with and learn control better until she masters a normal cup. We've had our spills here and there, but I think she's doing great so far transitioning. I'd like to try to get her away from sippy cups all together by February when she turns 3, so this is a great start while we're at home and can easily clean spills when needed. 

Overall, still a huge fan of Re-Play. I don't recall them offering so many colors when I first purchased from them a couple years ago. I love the variety now that they offer, and I'm hoping to purchase more in the future! They have several different "Seasonal" 4 piece sets to choose from, our's being Fall. They also carry Holiday which are red and green, Patriotic which is red and blue, and Valentine's Day which is a red and pink 3 piece set. The 4 piece sets are $30, and the 3 piece V-Day set is $20. 

My favorite set is their 8 piece "Super Set" which looks like a big rainbow of colors. All items come with the same amount of cups, utensils, bowls, and divider plates. This set would be ideal if you've never purchased before and want to build your quantity up quickly. This set is $75, so quite an investment, but it's well worth it when you're still using the items several years later like I am with barely any visible wear to them. 

If you have one or two children and they have a favorite color, you can purchase only those colors they prefer. This is something else I don't recall being an option a couple years ago, because I would've ordered pink items for our oldest daughter and purple for her sister. We have one pink plate right now from a 3 pack we bought and they often fight over who wants the only pink one we have! 

Certain items can be found in stores, and they offer a Store Locator button on their website to help make it easier to find those stores in your area. 

Re-Play uses curbside collected HDPE plastic. The recycled plastic is sanitized using a patented, proprietary process that cleans the plastic and removes anything that was absorbed by the plastic. Our recycled plastic is FDA approved food grade material.
Our packaging is also made from recycled paperboard. The minimal package design does not use plastic blisters, twist ties or any other extra restraints that can create more waste.

Connect with Re-Play on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


aperry said...

the drinking cups.

Graceful Harlow said...

I like the Snack Stacks!

Mama Blamer said...

I like their soft spout spill proof cup. I really like its like a straw cup but with a stronger looking silcone spout.

Colleen Maurina said...

I also really like their Soft Spout No Spill Cups!

Faith Keil said...

I would love to try their products especially the spill proof cups.


Amanda said...

I like their drinking cups!!

Kelly Faber said...

I love the teething keys!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

I love the drinking cups and the divided plates!

Linda Madden said...

I like the several different seasonal 4 pc. Sets to choose from

jenn huey said...

Love the Snack Stack

Alex said...

The snack stack look neat!

Monica Patton said...

I love thevdivided plates the best! My son is that oicky kid that doesnt like his food to touch so those are what we need!

Rachel said...

I like the divided plates!

Bianca Munoz said...

No spill cups!

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

Aww! lovely products! I would love to try them all for my baby, especially the utensils.
Thank You for the review

Fiona N

Aria A. said...

We love their utensils! We have a large collection!

K said...

Oh, wow! I love the "rainbow" set. How cute is that? And it would make great for pretend play, too!

Bertha Wilson said...

I like the divided plate's because they have the deep walls and are perfect for toddlers learning to feed themselves. I love to recycle and am happy to know that this plates are made from recycled milk jugs!

Crafty Zoo said...

I just love the teething keys and the drinking cups! They remind me of when I was a kid!