Monday, September 22, 2014

Zim's Max Freeze Review & Giveaway! Ends 10/6

 Thank you Zim's for providing the products for this review.

Zim's USA

"The Zim's® brand is dedicated to bringing you innovative naturally-based products that live up to their brand promise in every way. Our goal is to improve the lives of consumers with our brands that include over 25 products that are packed with the best of nature and range from skin care to pain relief gels."

I received Zim's Max-Freeze Gel and Max-Freeze Continuous Spray for a review. Zim’s Max-Freeze is an over-the-counter topical analgesic used for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints. I usually have muscle pain in my lower back and I was hoping to try these products out in that area. Two weeks later I was involved in a terrible car accident. My daughter and I hydroplaned down a wet hill, slammed into the embankment and the truck flipped several times. My little girl came out with a couple of bumps, bruises, and scratches while I ended up with a fractured collar bone and terribly bruised muscles in my neck, back, shoulders, and along the left side of my body.

I've been using these 2 products for the past few days and they have been amazing! While the pain in my collar bone doesn't completely leave, it helps to dull the pain tremendously in the muscles around my bone. Each product has a strong mint scent when first applying but it eventually fades away. Zim's Max Freeze is all natural and is made with aloe, vitamin E, arnica, and tea tree oil.

The Max-Freeze Gel is great because it's not greasy at all. It rubs on nicely and has sort-of a water base feel to it. This gel was easy to rinse from my hands after applying. Around 2 minutes after application, I could feel it starting to work. It has a hot/cold feeling for 20 mins and with every passing minute the muscle pain is less and less. I could actually feel the gel numbing the pain in my neck and shoulder. Overall, the pain relief lasts a while and for me, it was around 3 hours. Please keep in mind that the time can vary from person to person.

The Max-Freeze Spray is very convenient. It works just like the gel but it's easier to use on-the-go. There's no messy hands or clean-up after using the spray and it was perfect for those hard to reach areas! It would let out a very fine mist and covered a large area. The product sprays on evenly and starts working almost instantly! As you press down on the spray button, there's a continuous spray until you let go. I was actually very surprised that the sprayer never clogged up and the product didn't run all down my back as I was applying. Zim's Max-Freeze spray gets two big thumbs up from me!

I would recommend Max-Freeze products to all of you that work out, or have frequent muscle or joint pains. Not only do these products work, they are all natural with no chemicals! I would not have made it through this week without these Max-Freeze products.

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