Monday, October 20, 2014

JC Toys: Real Boy Doll Review *Holiday Gift Guide*

Thanks to JC Toys for the doll to help with this review

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Established in 1993, JC Toys is a family run and operated business that has continued to grow its product line to include many doll categories. Each doll and doll accessory is carefully designed to ensure that the end user is 100% happy. Our goal is to make all of our dolls loveable and to ensure that everyone, from a first time baby doll mommy to the most demanding doll collector are completely overjoyed with our quality and superior design.

"At JC Toys, we’re proud to offer a large selection of real life baby dolls children of all ages will love! If you’ve been looking for a baby doll that has all the wrinkles and rolls of a real baby, this is the place for you! The baby dolls we make resemble babies of many different sizes, shapes and ethnicities. Newborn baby dolls are the perfect size and weight, which not only makes the doll look and feel real but also makes it easy for little arms to hug and hold."

If you're looking for a realistic bath time baby doll, this charming La Newborn doll should fit the bill nicely! With its wonderfully sculpted face, this cute little baby couldn't be more lifelike. He is a 17" All Vinyl anatomically correct Real Boy! Doll. He comes with a lovely rubber-ducky themed bath towel with a built-in hood, and your children will have a blast using this towel to dry and wrap their sweet baby. The best part of all is that this little doll looks incredibly real.

These all-vinyl dolls are anatomically accurate, which means he has actual boy parts. I was a little bit afraid of this since my daughter would be playing with the doll, but after receiving it and taking a peek, I was very relieved that it's not obscene. All of the right shapes are there but there's nothing "movable" and it's not frightening. I'm sure my daughter won't pay much mind to it. She has a baby brother so she knows boys and girls are different.

This little guy isn't very heavy and he has a hollow belly which can be pressed in. His legs and arms move up and down and heads that turn side to side. There's a slight bend at his elbows and knees that resemble the way that newborn's would hold them. I would imagine that dressing this doll would be difficult because his arms are in a perpetual bend.

I'm completely amazed at how life-like this baby doll looks. Not only does his eyes have the same depth as human eyes, he has rolls all over his body just like a newborn would, and he's about the same size as a newborn. He has the cutest little expression on his face and his tiny toes and fingers have incredible detail.

The ducky towel only adds to the cuteness. Inside is a soft fleece while the outside has the material of a soft baby towel. He even has the sweetest little yellow diaper to match his ducky towel. Can you tell I'm absolutely in love with this doll?

I had so much fun taking pictures of this Real Boy Doll. From the top of his head to the tip of his toes, he looks real. I spent a lot of time looking over everything and I couldn't find ONE thing I didn't like. I even went as far as looking up reviews online of dolls made by JC Toys and everything has 5 stars! Ratings do not lie!

This would be such a great gift for any person. The quality is quite unbelievable so I have no doubt that this baby doll will give any little girl or boy very many years of play-time. Little mommies and daddies everywhere get the feel of having their own unique bundle of joy by choosing from dolls of different size, gender, ethnicity, hair color, eye color and expression.

You can check out this La Newborn Moments doll for $59.99 HERE
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