Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stylish and Incredibly Practical Winter Fashion Tips for the Whole Family

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Come the advent of the winter season, some people might begin to feel that it marks the end of wearing fashionable clothing and looking stylish. Not so! With winter, there’s no need to assume that your wardrobe must all be in drab beige, grey and tan colors.

The truth of the matter is that the winter season is one of the best times for showing off your fashion sense and look hip and trendy in your winter wear. What’s more, the entire family can look incredible, and all this without having to sacrifice the cut, color and quality of the clothing.

Already we've mentioned the obvious aspect of winter fashion, which of course is the coat. All coats were not made equal, and you can find a stunning array of varieties and styles to put together your desired look while remaining snug and warm at the same time.

Admittedly, a lot of people enjoy looking at the latest fashion trends, this is all well and good, but what happens when that particular trend is spent? Winter in the fashion world should be a call to arms to go forth and search for the timeless and classic wear that you and your family can enjoy year on year. The stalwarts of winter wear timelessness are the pea coat and the trench coat. Both useable for both men and women alike as working clothes, these garments provide formidable protection against cold weather conditions while keeping you at your stylish best.

For children, trench coats may not be the most practical for winter weather. An amusing picture for some, yes, but not entirely useful apart from that. The parka jacket is best used for the kids as the thick lining will keep core temperature up while a faux fur hood lining will keep their heads snug and warm. They serve as perfect walking clothes to and from school as well. These trendy winter garments come in a variety of colours, so the kids get to wear what they find appealing, stay toasty warm and yet still look fresh and stylish at the same time.

That said, what would the winter season be without some glitter, sparkle and silvery mystique. This season has silver opulence at the forefront of fashion trends. Exuding a contemporary and striking appearance, the use of block silver with hard lines to create definitions in clothing makes for a fresh and clean look. More prevalent in women’s fashion, the easiest way to create this look would be with a jumper or other item with a contrasting silver block at the chest and shoulders area. A silvery, shiny scarf can also create this effect layered over a darker item. This draws attention and definition to the upper area and looks very impressive. Kids can also enjoy a slice of the trend, as silver mittens and scarfs not only look adorable, they also are great at keeping them warm.

While men may opt for the urban worker style for winter with black, grey and tan overcoats, women and kids have a greater choice of colour. If you're feeling a bit bolder than usual, try a colour like red for a coat to contrast with the white and silvery surroundings. Alternatively, a simple red scarf can add an impressive splash of colour that can help you stand out and look great. Winter fashion need not be bland and uninteresting, if it looks great and keeps you and your family warm, then give it a go!