Monday, November 24, 2014 Review

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I've long admired the off the shoulder shirts that are in style now, so when ApparelnBags contacted me for a review, I was thrilled to find the above off the shoulder shirt that's offered. It comes in thirteen different colors, so I chose neon pink because pink is my favorite shade to wear!

Once the shirt arrived in the mail, I was highly disappointed. Not only did the shirt have black marks all over it like it had been ran over, but it was completely see through. Once I got over my initial shock and confusion since their website doesn't hint at a see through look, I emailed the company and they replaced the shirt for me in black so I'd be able to hide under shirts better with it. The replacement shirt came very quickly and then it was time to try out the black shirt in the same style. 

I figured I would go with black because if it's still see through, I can at least wear a black tank underneath and it would blend in a lot better than trying to match pinks. Since I am big chested, I wondered if the option of no visible straps could happen, but at least a black shirt means the straps match and it can appear a part of the shirt. 

When I first put the shirt on, I thought it was too tight to wear off the shoulder. As you can see in the left photo above, it looks like a normal shirt when worn up all the way, and it doesn't look too bad like that. It did take some stretching to get the off the shoulder look, and it felt tight at first wanting to ride up my shoulder when I first had it on. After about five minutes of wearing and tucking down my bra strap so it's hidden, it became looser and felt great.  

The length is shorter than I prefer because I'm a curvy woman and like length to my tops, but since the very bottom is a rib cuff, it stays in place unless I raise my arms. It does have a relaxed fit around the arms and they was a big plus for me. I felt like I could move well in it and didn't feel restricted.

This shirt retails for $11.45-$13.46 depending on the size you get. I got the biggest size (2X) and I probably would've got a 3X if I could've just to make it a little more baggy and the top opening bigger for my broad shoulders. 

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