Friday, November 21, 2014

Himalayan Salt Rock Giveaway! Ends 12/1

Himalayan Salt Rocks are natural rocks that are in the Himalayan Mountains. They are hand mined and turned into these lamps. When it's turned on, the slight heat it emits releases negative ions into the air. There are SO many positive ions in the air already from electronics and such. These negative ions help to ionize and purify the surrounding air. 

It also clears the air naturally of things like pet dander, smoke, allergens and air pollutants. It can make you feel more energized. 

Each size you get ionizes a different size room. So a small 5-7lb does a 10x10 room and a larger 13-17lb rock does a 14x14 room. 

Himalayan Salt Shop sent a small one to Heather for review. You can read that review here

How would you like to win one of these awesome rock lamps??
You can here!


SnowflakeDay (Audra) said...

I learned they also sell a Himalayan salt inhaler that's recommended by Dr. Oz. Says it can help with sore throats and other things; would really like to try that.

Lori Williams said...

I love that the negative ions combat electro-smog caused by electronic devices operating in the home. We sure need this in our home with 4 young adults living here!!

Kay said...

I like that the negative ions combat those produced by computer equipment. This is a great addition to the home office!

heymissvirginia said...

One of my favorites is the Pyramid Salt Lamp.
heymissvirginia at embarqmail dot com

Jen F said...

I also like the Cylinder Salt Candle Holder.