Sunday, November 2, 2014

OtterBox Cases Review *Holiday Gift Guide*

Thank you Otterbox for the items to help with this review

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We design and manufacture protective cases for smartphones, tablets and mobile technology. Outdoorsy, professional, clumsy and busy — just like you — we don’t leave home without protection and hope you don’t either. OtterBox protection can withstand the worst situation you never imagined getting into.

Back in mid September, I got a new iPhone 5C upgrade and my husband got an iPad Mini. We'd been talking about cases for our new products and after my husband mentioning he'd love to have a green case like his iPhone, I reached out to Otterbox to see if another review would be possible. After talking with them, it was decided we'd each receive the products above, and my husband would indeed match his iPad and iPhone cases. You can find last year's review here!

About a year ago we reviewed a 5C iPhone case in the black/green you see above on the iPad case for my husband's phone and he really liked to combination due to his work as a Tow Truck Driver and wearing that bright neon reflective green you see a lot companies use as work shirts. I was happy when we were able to match his iPad with the same colors, and they look great together. 

His phone cover is a bit stretched out since we first received it a year ago, but I really like how they're the same shade of green, and my husband loves that they match and he gets to keep the green look for both items. 

• The multi-layer Defender Series iPad mini case guards against drops, scratches and dust while maintaining seamless usability of the device
• The high-impact polycarbonate shell fully covers the iPad mini while the integrated screen protector guards against scratches and smudges
• Built-in memory foam cushions the device inside the case while the outer slip cover absorbs impact from drops and shocks
• The included shield stand provides added protection during transport and acts as a display stand that accommodates both portrait and landscape viewing and a convenient typing angle
You're able to build this case to your personal color options by deciding the outer layer color, inner layer color, and then the stand. While my husband would've preferred a grey outer like his phone, I think the black compliments the green very well and makes it pop that much more. 
My husband loves using an iPad to look up recipes for dinners to change up our normal choices. He would often take my iPad to look around the internet, but now with is own Mini, he does it even more. Since there is a convenient stand, he likes to prop it up on the counter close to the stove while he's prepping meals and can easily read directions as he goes along. 
Even though there's several options for colors, just about any color combo makes this case $79.90. 

  • Sleek, two-layer iPhone 5C case provides sturdy protection, yet is slim enough to fit in your pocket
  • Self-adhering screen protector guards against scratches to the touch screen
  • Case allows for full access to all iPhone 5C features and functions

While I was hoping to get an outer cake in pink the same shade as my pink iPhone 5C, their shade of pink didn't match, so I chose a white outside and pink inside that did look more similar to my phone color. You can choose a variety of combinations for this case, and then it comes with the screen protector separate. This was big for me because I didn't want a full front cover on my phone like my husband's case is, but unfortunately they only send one shield and when my husband put it on my phone, it didn't go on straight and was ruined after that. He cleaned my phone as much as possible to ensure there would be no finger prints or lint under the shield, but when he tried to put it on it moved from his grip, and after taking it back off to try to set again, there was a lot of specks all over the shield and it just didn't look right once it was on the phone again. 

I go back and forth with this case because after putting it in my pocket while running errands, the pink turned blue from my jeans, and the case over all is slippery. I've dropped it several times which isn't good, but the case has saved it each time. My husband's phone case is made of different material so your fingers grip his phone well, but mine has been a learning process for sure. 

This phone case retails for a good price of $39.90 and is better over all quality than several cases I've seen through the years that retail for the same price. 

Not only can you purchase items for Apple pieces, you can also purchase for Kindle Fire's, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, and LG products. 

Overall I HIGHLY recommend purchasing from Otterbox. They've turned out to be such a great company for us and we are very satisfied with our review items.

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