Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SURGE Energy Shots Review/Giveaway! Ends 12/10

Thanks Body Glove for the shots for this review.

Body Glove Surge

Twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell created a company on a dream of a life in the water. Over sixty years later, the Meistrell family continues this dream by setting standards of excellence in product design, a respect for the world around them and deep rooted values in the watersports world, all while having a complete understanding of the needs and style of today’s water enthusiasts around the world. Diving and Surfing are at the root of our company. On a lake, river, ocean, or pool, the Body Glove lifestyle is what water lovers aspire to achieve. With over 75% of the planet being covered with water, Body Glove wants to be there for every water experience. Authentic innovation in all watersports products is the model for Body Glove’s continued success.

Body Glove SURGE is a groundbreaking energy product available as a shot. Body Glove SURGE is the first proven all‐natural energy shot that provides instant and long‐lasting energy and the added power of protein, green tea and natural antioxidants. Consumed before and during exercise, university studies show that Body Glove SURGE extends endurance and improves reaction time. However, Body Glove SURGE is more than just a performance breakthrough. Proven more effective than the leading energy shot, Body Glove SURGE reduces fatigue, increases alertness and enhances mental concentration.

We now know that optimal improvements in exercise performance are seen when caffeine is consumed with carbohydrate. Think of caffeine as a catalyst. Although it has a mild effect on exercise performance when consumed by itself, it can have a very significant effect when consumed in conjunction with protein and carbohydrate. The reason is that caffeine is not a source of energy, it does not provide the fuel your brain and muscles need to work optimally. What caffeine can do is enable your muscles and brain to use energy more efficiently, as much as 35%. This turbo charging of the energy process translates into extended endurance and overall improvements in sports performance.

I usually don't like to take energy shots because they give me a migraine and I crash during the middle of the day but, I decided to give SURGE a shot. (haha, get it?) Early one morning after getting my daughter onto the bus I went to get my son and I ready for a grocery trip. I was still exhausted from a rough night of sleep the night before so this seemed like the perfect time to try out the Body Glove SURGE shot. I noticed an increase in energy in around 25 minutes. This time will probably vary from person to person. I started feeling like I had a huge burst of energy. After grocery shopping I came home and cleaned the entire house top to bottom. I felt like I had increased alertness and more concentration.

These energy shots will give you instant and long lasting natural energy with the power of fruit, protein, and green tea. After looking through all of the information about these shots, I found a long list of all-natural ingredients. I'm actually impressed with the fact that it tastes much better than any other energy shot I've tried, especially since it's so much healthier. You can definitely taste the tart of the berries in the BERRY shot. The same tart is in the GRAPE shot with a slightly sweeter grape flavor. The same goes for the PEACH MANGO shot, tart yet sweet.

The bottom line, if you are just looking for a caffeine buzz you can use one of the caffeine shots like 5-hour Energy But, if you are looking for a caffeinated buzz that also translates into greater endurance, less fatigue and faster reaction times, then use a combination energy product such as all-natural Body Glove SURGE. In other words, go for the endurance buzz, not the empty buzz.

These shots cost around $2.25 each.
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