Friday, December 5, 2014

Babee Covee 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Blanket Review

Thanks to Babee Covee for the cover to help with this review

My not-so little guy anymore is the inspiration behind Babee Covee. One day while carrying my infant son in his car seat and my toddler daughter in the other in a gusty rainstorm, the blanket I had placed over his carseat blew off leaving him exposed to the elements. An idea was born.From that idea, a prototype was created. A blanket designed to protect my little one in a variety of situations from elements to baby gear. 

As Fall was approaching, I contacted Babee Covee in an attempt to have a nice cover for Mya and her infant seat. Since her seat goes up to 35lbs, I knew she'd be in it up until the Winter at least, but I wanted something comfortable for her and stylish to carry around. Babee Covee agreed to send me their new 4 in 1 cover in the same yellow as in the photos above. 

I chose yellow because its the most neutral color for our household, and I love the way it looks against the white and grey. While this cover is actually a car seat canopy, baby carrier blanket, stroller blanket, and a playtime blanket, I mainly use it for the car seat.

As you can see in the above collage, there's two tabs that velcro together to rest on the handle of the carrier, and then some pieces on each side that tie to the bottom of the handle bar. I think it fits well over all, but maybe just a little short where the feet go. 

I normally put the handle on my forearm close to my elbow to carry her weight, and it was hard to do with the cover so that took some getting used to. Mya will be 1yr old next week and I got this cover right after she turned 10 months old (October), so she fights it from time to time, but it works well over all. 

At the end of October we went to our local farm that has play areas for kids, cows, and of course pumpkins to purchase. Our weather was unusually warm for late October in Indiana, so I was glad I had this cover for the sun. It was hard for her to see because it was just so bright, so I had a corner lifted for comfort, and after walking around for a little bit I realized she was asleep. I had seen her rubbing her hands against the front of the cover, but just thought she was playing with it. Once I discovered she was alseep, I realized she'd rubbed the soft fabric and made herself fall asleep by feeling the comfort of the soft cover. Something else that had crossed my mind, was if I needed to change her, I'd be able to use this as a blanket on the ground because they don't have areas to change diapers. That way she would've been apart from the dirty ground, and then I could've brought the cover home and washed it. She was asleep until we got home so no need, but it would've helped a lot!

Overall, I do like the cover. I still use every time we leave, and while she is getting longer and stronger at trying to rip it off, it stays in place for the most part. I'll be moving her in to a big seat in January or February, but plan to use this for Spring when out in the yard so she can sit and play without the grass poking at her. 

This Babee Covee 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Blanket retails for $49.99 and comes in three colors. This initial price sounds like a lot, but you can use this cover four ways and it grows with your child. Because of this, I feel as though it is a good purchase, especially from when baby is small. 

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