Wednesday, December 17, 2014

LivingPlug: Decorating your Outlets *Holiday Gift Guide*

Thanks to LivingPlug for the items to help post this review

As we approach the upcoming Holiday season, Mama's Baby Cupcakes has teamed up with several companies we think would be a great fit to purchase/wear/give to others in the upcoming months. Thanks to each and every sponsor showcased in our Holiday Gift Guide, and if you see the cute button above then you know its Holiday approved!

Like most people, we didn't care much about the lowly electrical outlet. We didn't care until we heard just how many kids end up in the ER after sticking a hairpin in one (2,400 a year). Or when we redecorate and came face to face with just how ugly it is. Or when we read about how much electricity is drained by items we have plugged in, but are not actually using. We decided to do something about this most basic of basic utilities by creating a system that would solve these problems and bring a littler flair and added function to our homes. 

Since we built and purchased our home April 2011, I love finding items to decorate our home with and to impress its over all look. When LivingPlug approached me for a review, I was thrilled to showcase their company on the blog, and to get my hands on a neat product.

Along with the Inlet, I chose the pretty rose you see above for the faceplate because its something that won't ever get outdated in my home. I love roses and images of them, always have, so I was excited to see such a beautiful image that I could display in my home. 

Once you get your Inlet in the mail, all you do it pop out that center hole and put the screw through to attach to the wall. It comes with directions and the long screw, so no need for extra parts besides a screwdriver.

At the top of the Inlet you'll see a power button. Saving energy is the whole purpose of this smart device, so we leave our's off unless we plug something in. The button is easy to push and turn on and off, so it only takes two seconds to do just that.

Last but not least is the USB port. I really love this access because my girls are always trying to get to my cellphone. Certain times of the day I charge my phone, and this is now perfect for when I'm cooking dinner. Since we have the LivingPlug in our kitchen, I just plug it in, charge my phone while I cook, and it's out of reach for the kids and still close to me if I get a phone call or text from my husband.

This rose faceplate caught my attention because of it's pure beauty. I've always been fond of roses in photographs and art, so I knew it would perfect for our home. While they offer a similar faceplate with some black background it, I like how this one fills the whole space and appears to be a giant flower staring at you from across the room. It doesn't cover the outlets in any way, so no worries about that, and you can even make your own faceplates with family photos or special photos you cherish. 

When visiting the LivingPlug website you'll see the Inlets to purchase and then their several hundred faceplates to choose from. Prices range depending on what exactly you purchase, but the Inlets are $25 and the faceplates range $15-$30 and along with creating your own custom design, they also carry different holiday selections you can search through, and then you can search by a certain room of the house or different colors to pinpoint the faceplate for you. 

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