Tuesday, December 30, 2014

SuperME Kids Backpacks Review

Big thanks to SuperME for offering products to review 

SuperME was developed by designer Daphne Kaufer. The inspiration for SuperME came from her own children- Adam and Anna, who love dressing up and playing superheroes. Daphne wanted to create a line of functional superhero inspired products that are fun to play with and reflected the uniqueness of each child in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

I'd heard of SuperME a couple times, and then when I started watching NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura featuring Debra Messing and saw them featured, I was interested once again. In early December I was approached to highlight this company on the blog, so I put them back as gifts for the girls at Christmas, and anxiously awaited the day they'd see them. 

Perfect for the superhero on the go! From the outside, it is a sleek and super functional backpack. But just as quick as a superhero can transform identities, this backpack converts into a superhero dress up costume by simply pulling the hidden cape out of a pocket at the top of the backpack. Superhero eye mask included to complete the transformation. The bags are made from environmentally friendly, insulating EVA to keep snacks & drinks fresh. Perfect for preschoolers (ages 2-6) and can easily fit a water bottle, snacks, change of clothes, school folder or a favorite book. matches and coordinates with our Cape2Mat lunch bag.  A starter SuperME Velcro patch comes with each bag, and there is the option to personalize with your own hero name or initials patch.

Our girls were so thrilled to see these backpacks. They're always tieing blankets on themselves to create capes, and running around pretending to save the day, I knew that these bags would be perfect for their imaginative play. 

They have a best friend that they stay the night with on occasion, and I plan on using these to pack their over night bags. I think it'll give them a fun toy when at her house, but since it can fit several outfits, it's a great way to multi task and look cute at the same time. 

The cape is a nice silk texture and folds easily in and out of the pouch it's made for. With adjustable straps, I can fit them to each child, and our 2 1/2 year old even takes turns playing and it fits her well too. They're light weight so easy to carry around, and a nice soft texture so they're not uncomfortable during play. 

Along with these Bubblegum pink bags we got, they offer a variety of colors to choose from for both boys and girls, along with a couple patterns like zebra print and camo to stand out more. They also carry lunch bags, personalized patches, and holiday packages among others. 

The normal Superhero Cape Backpacks like we reviewed retail for $39.90 and for $9.95 more you can personalize the patch with your child's name. You can purchase masks for $8, and their holiday packages retail for almost $70 but includes a variety of items, so there's a lot to choose from on their site and something for everyone. They also offer free shipping on orders $49+ and when ordering patches only. 

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