Monday, December 15, 2014

Uncle John's For Kids Only Activity Books Review *Holiday Gift Guide*

Thanks to Uncle John's for the items to help post this review

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It was 1987. Uncle John found himself stranded on his throne with nothing to read. That’s when he came up with the idea to launch a series of trivia books specifically tailored toward his fellow bathroom readers. Fast forward to 2002 and you have the Uncle John's For Kids Only series which is designed for young trivia fans, info-maniacs and reluctant readers. 

Sometimes my kids are impatient to eat dinner. When our oldest two come home for school they eat a snack and then ask when dinner is because they never feel as though their snacks are big enough. I wanted to do this review because I felt these books would be great for passing time or while I'm making the plates and the kids are sitting at the table waiting for their food. Totally Quacked was an added bonus because our oldest is now seven years old and loves to read. Books fascinate her so I enjoy building a collection of different things she can read in her spare time. 

Each cleverly themed tear-off sheet in these 36-page placemat pads is filled with brain-building activities: a "Ship Shape" puzzler, a "Fairy Pie" maze, brainteasers, jokes, and weird facts, noodle-while-you-doodle activities and even Polly-Wanna-Doku and Wand-Doku (Sudoku with pictures!).  

While each placemat book has the same idea in mind, they each have different themes and activities in their books. The Riddle Me Timbers! book is pirate themed and retails for about $10 depending on where you purchase. The Magic Cupcakes book is really cute with sweets and fairies, and retails about $10 as well depending on where you purchase

Inside Uncle John’s Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader, curious readers find 288 pages packed with strange science, weird news, obscure history, odd sports, and the interesting origins of everyday things.

This Totally Quacked book retails four about $15 depending on where you purchase, and is great for 8-12 year olds. There's lots of fun facts, games, and ideas for your children to occupy their time, and its a great way to pass the time during these cold Winter months when at home or in the car. Because Madison is seven and can stumble on some words at times, I think this will be a great book to do with her and spend quality time together laughing, learning, and just having fun! 

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