Thursday, January 29, 2015

Baby Tooth Album Review

*I was given products free of charge to help with this review*

Baby Tooth Album is simply a product of our love for our children.  Like so many of you, our children have been the center of our lives from the moment they were born. We try to cherish every passing moment and take very little for granted. When our daughter started to lose her baby teeth, we wanted to cherish these tiny "childhood souvenirs" the best way we could.  We started saving them in baggies-but we did’t want to simply store them! We wanted to cherish them in our family albums and scrapbooks. When we found no such product on the market, we developed the Original Baby Tooth Organizer-the worlds first and only baby tooth organizer for scrapbooks and photo albums. 

Looking around on the Internet one day, I stumbled across "Baby Tooth Album" and couldn't believe I'd never heard of such a great item! With our oldest daughter still hanging on to her baby teeth after her 7th birthday, I knew the time would come for loose teeth, but little did I know shortly after receiving our kit that she indeed started having loose teeth!

We received this kit the last week of November and Madison discovered her first loose tooth the first week of December. Talk about perfect timing right?! Within the next couple days of that, she eventually had four loose teeth, and we were in the waiting game to see when the first one would come out. 

On the night of January 16th, I informed Madison her tooth would be coming out soon because it was so loose and I was afraid she'd choke on it. With her fear of a tooth being pulled, my husband suggested to her that she play with it and get it to come out on her own. Not 15 minutes after this discussion, she was able to get it to pop out with her tongue and plop in her lap. She was scared of the blood, but so excited that she'd lost her first tooth and I ended up crying a little at this amazing milestone we'd waited so long for. 

Madison didn't know about the kit, so I was thrilled to show her the accessories that come in the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit. Along with the handy Keepsake Box to store the teeth, you also get a door hanger, a bag to put the tooth in, and a one time decorated piece of paper to write a letter to the tooth fairy. 

After dinner Madison wrote her letter to the tooth fairy, we hung her door sign, and tucked everything under a side pillow for easy access. Now that her next tooth is expected to come out any day, the bag and door hanger are sitting in her room anxiously waiting the next time they can be used. 

This was a fun experience for us to have with our daughter. This is another step to her growing up, and I'm so happy with this kit and having it a part of our memories. I hope when she's older and looks back on pictures like this, she can appreciate the extra effort, and I look forward to doing this same kit with our other daughters when their time comes. 

You can purchase the Complete Kit like we have for $25, or you can purchase parts by themselves. All items come in either pink or blue, and they also offer mini tooth cases for $8 and $15. The bags are only $1.49 which is amazing for the quality, and the door hangers $3.49. 

I highly suggest checking out Baby Tooth Album if your child has yet to loose any teeth. It's something fun and makes these times even more special than they already are. 

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Lindsey said...

What a neat product! My 4 year old daughter is already fascinated with the Tooth Fairy and losing her first tooth so I'm definitely going to look into this for her. It would make it all so special!