Friday, January 9, 2015

Easy Tie Shoelaces Review

Thanks to Easy Tie for the items to help with this review

The #1 shoelace for learning how to tie your shoes. Dual colored shoelaces make tying easy and fun. No other shoelace or tying aid even comes close.

Our two oldest girls are 7 and 5 1/2 years old and in school full time. Their elementary requests that children entering Kindergarten know how to tie their shoes after Christmas break, so I contacted Easy Tie in regards to our second daughter McKenzie learning to tie, and we were sent two pair to review, one for each of the older girls. 

I really like that directions come with the laces. This was extra nice because it gave McKenzie the choice to see step by step directions of each and choose which one she was more comfortable with. While we all tie the Standard Knot way, McKenzie chose the Bunny Ears way, and it only took her a couple tries to get it!

The smaller of the two images above shows the different lengths for the shoe strings. The top is size Large and you can see where the two strings connect as to where the length is for each size. They help with sizing by basing it off the shoe size for children which is 37″ for youth shoe size 8 – 3 and 45″ for teen/adult shoe size 4 – 10. 

Since the two laces connect together, I loved this when it came to lacing up their shoes. I have a big pet peeve about laces not being even with shoes, so this connector makes it impossible for them to be uneven. The only issue I've had with these laces is that Madison's high top tennis shoes are a lot tighter now so I have to relace them a little looser so she can get her foot in. 

The laces feel thick, yet soft, and have a good stiffness to them. I layed the bows down for the photos above, but they can prop up and look like little bunny ears sitting on your shoes if you wanted! Because they're "stiff" McKenzie was able to learn to make the bunny ears quickly and got the hang of it so quickly because we were using the colors to guide her along her way. Her only issue right now is where to push the loop through in order to get it correct, but in the photo above I showed her and she got it nice and tight. 

Easy Tie shoelaces work by removing all obstacles to tying. Dual Colors, Dual Textures (Black/Greay & Pink/White laces only), Stiffer laces won’t flop, and they come in 2 lengths of 37″ for youth shoe size 8 – 3 and 45″ for teen/adult shoe size 4 – 10. Dual colors and textures aid in lace identification and the design of the lace holds its shape and allows early tiers time to tie. 

One pair of laces is $10.99 and then if you add a second pair that one is only $6.99. Yes it sounds pricey for laces, but their design and help with learning to tie shoes, its a good investment over all and I'm glad that I got this opportunity to review because I'll be purchasing again in the future. 

To make it even more special, there's an option to download this printable image right from their website, along with extra tieing cards if you need more. 

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