Saturday, January 31, 2015

PlayKids App Review

Thanks to PlayKids for the membership to help with this review

PlayKids is an iOS and Android app that offers games, popular TV shows and cartoons – and it works even if you’re offline!

Shortly before we received a six month membership to help with this review, my husband downloaded the PlayKids app after seeing several commercials about it. We didn't want to initially pay for service if it ended up being like other apps and not played once the newness wore off, but then getting the membership to review, it changed my whole perspective. 

Our third daughter is just shy of three years old and loves watching cartoons like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, Caillou, and some Nickelodeon programs. She was always wanting to switch DVD's in their playroom for these shows, and then leaving the room after a little bit and the electronics running. 

When we had the free version of this app Macyn was sad that we didn't get the access to Daniel like we did a couple other videos, so the first thing I did once we had membership is download all the shows. Every morning after her older sisters get on the bus, she sits with the iPad and flips between different episodes of shows before running off to play for the day with her younger sister. 

The only thing I don't like about the several train cars of videos is that every single one has to be downloaded to your device before you can watch. You need internet access to download everything, and then you can turn it back off, but I do wish it didn't take up so much room. I ran out of space on our iPad during a series of downloads and had to clean up some space to continue. I know downloading the videos is there so your child can watch them offline and not worry about purchases or areas they don't need to be, but it was just something I noticed. 

To change things up, your kids can also play different kinds of games on this app, and I play some with Macyn during her little sister's nap for some bonding play time. 

PlayKids is the #1 mobile entertainment app for kids 5 and under, and is redefining the way parents tackle playtime and more through a unique mix of eBooks, shows, activities and lullabies. Since launching last year it has expanded to 26 countries, becoming the #1 app in 20. Kids love it because it has their favorite shows like Dora the Explorer, Caillou and Daniel Tiger, and it’s easy for them to navigate all on their own. Parents love it because it offers a breadth of educational and entertaining activities unlike any other offering.

This app is available for $10 a month on Apple and Google Play products. 
The price is a bit steep for my taste, especially being monthly, but it's worth it if your child uses it daily or frequently.