Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Corner Stork: Baby Hooded Spa Robe Review

Thanks to the Corner Stork for the item to review

A bunch of Atlanta mommies seemed to get an invitation to a baby shower or birthday party every week. With their busy family schedules, they found it more convenient to skip the mall and shop online. As great as it was to shop for gifts online at home, they often found themselves frustrated because the selection on the baby gift sites they visited was underwhelming. They finally realized that, if they wanted the warmth and boutique-style selection of a corner store, plus the handiness of an online store, they simply needed to create it themselves.

When our youngest Mya gets her bath, I'm always rushing to get her dry and clothes on so she's not cold. I loved the idea of a robe so she could stay warm and kind of lounge after her bath, so I was excited to receive the "Showers and Flowers" Hooded Spa Robe for review from the Corner Stork. 

Mya turned 1 year old shortly before we got the robe delivered to our house. I didn't realize when I looked at them online that they're supposed to size 0-9 months. While I knew it wouldn't be too long on her, I still liked the idea of her having one and covering her arms and torso, so I tried it on her and that's exactly where it sits on her. 

While it was very difficult to get pictures of Mya sitting still, I was able to get a couple shots you see above of her with the robe on. I couldn't any with her standing up because she kept walking away, but you can see that it fits her torso very well. There's still room around if she was bigger in her torso, and the same goes for the hood. I like the tie around the waist because this means I'm not trying to mess with buttons or snaps and a slippery "toddler" who wants to just go and play. 

The terry cloth material is so soft and great for a baby's sensitive skin, but it is a little heavier than I assumed it would be. She's able to walk around freely, but since she's not a fan of hats, she tries to rip this hood off her head when I put it on her. 

Along with the flower robe we got, they also have monster, lion, and owl themes. If you're looking for a simple item, they also carry hooded towels in a variety of characters among other things. 

These robes are about $26 ranging in prize depending on which character you choose, and while they suggest 0-9 months, I don't see why these can't be used through out part of a child's first year of life. I don't see this fitting Mya when she's say... 18 months old, but it fits great now and I plan on using it with her until it doesn't fit anymore. 

If you're looking for items to get a friend, a co-worker, or family, The Corner Stork is a great place to shop. There's so many options to choose from besides these robes, and many things can be personalized with names or initials for an additional fee. Shipping is normally a fast turn around, and all their products are highly quality and will last over time. 

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