Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dr On Demand: Free First Time Visits #FeelBetter

I was compensated to share this post/promotion. All opinions are my own

Doctor On Demand is a great app co-founded by Dr Phil's son Jay McGraw. Jay is a best selling author and also a producer for the hit TV show The Doctors. I watch Dr Phil regularly and so I've heard about this app from its first launch through the show and he uses it all the time on air. As an adult that can't afford health insurance, the idea of this app was very appealing to me. Normal clinic costs can be upwards of $200 and even minute clinics are about $100, so I feel this app was a genius idea! 

I worked with Dr On Demand back in July 2014 and I was able to use the app for a real call. You can read the full review to find out more, but I loved the experience and intend on using it if need be in the future. 

Dr On Demand now offers Medical and Pediatrics, Psychologists, and even Lactation Consultants calls for various prices/times. 

There is a process you have to go through before you can connect to a Doctor, but its pretty simple steps. Besides putting in your name and payment information, you answer simple questions just like you would at a Doctor's office. Since each phone call is 15 minutes long, its nice for them to have a short summary of why you're calling to speed up the process that much more. Once you've filled out all the information it tells you how many Doctors are available in your area and connects you to one. I like that it tells you the process and just like the middle pictures shows, you know when you're connecting and that they're looking over your reason for calling before fully being connected to them via video/voice chat. 

For this flu season they're offering a promotion for a free one time visits to new accounts. This year's flu season is particularly severe. When you have the flu, you need to get treated immediately for antivirals to work - but hospitals are urging people with flu-like symptoms to avoid the ER. 

With Doctor On Demand, you can treat the flu from home using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, by having a Video Visit with a Board Certified physician. Our physicians can diagnose, treat, and even write prescriptions for the flu and nearly any other non-emergency medical condition.

Time the time to download the app, and store code MAMAS15 to use when you need to make that call. Remember the first call is free, so saving the code can come in handy over this next month. 

You can also connect with Dr On Demand via Facebook and Twitter