Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nelliebead Keychains Review

Thanks to Nelliebead for the items to review

I'm a small-town girl from the mid-west who was fortunate to be able to live in Europe for several years. Upon my return, I worked as a high school French teacher and now stay at home with my two lovely children while making jewelry on the side.

Lakeon and I have known each other since she was pregnant with her first child and I was pregnant with our second child. That means we've known each other since 2008 through the world of social media. We met on Myspace after stumbling upon her profile through other moms I connected with, and we've stayed close since. 

We're a lot a like in many ways, but one thing we bond on it tattoos. Lakeon and I have talked a lot about a friendship type tattoo, and while searching for ideas, she stumbled upon the above image that we both fell in love with. After searching more, I discovered Nelliebead and her Etsy page, and knew that along with a tattoo idea this would be a great piece for Lakeon and I to carry around. I contacted her in hopes of a review and she so kindly agreed and made our key-chains with the hearts over Indiana for myself and Mississippi for Lakeon. 

Along with the beautiful packaging you see above, I was sent two handmade key-chains custom made for Lakeon and I's states. I was really excited for this review because whether or not the review worked out, I knew I'd have this item one way or another. I couldn't wait to see for myself in person how these key-chains looked, and once I opened the package, I couldn't take the smile off my face. 

Not only did the key-chains come in the cute packaging, but they also have their own little zip lock bags. I thought this was a good idea for transporting in the mail to protect them from the rough ride that is the local mail system, but also a nice packing system over all. They're very shiny, almost reflective, because it is a lightweight, non tarnishing, hypo allergenic 1100 Pure Grade aluminum. This USA pendant measures exactly 1.5" x 1" and includes 3/4" key-ring. While she can't stamp the back, the front message can be customized to your liking up to four words, or she can do different countries for an additional $5 charge. I liked "under the same sky" because Lakeon and I have never met, but feel like we're best friends all the same. 

These particular key-chains retail for $18, and she offers a variety of phrases to choose from unless you create your own, and then three different texts to choose from. When you order, you simply put in the "notes to seller" section which saying, text, and where the hearts go, and then turn around time is 1-2 weeks depending on orders. 

Besides the key-chains like I reviewed, Nellibead also offers other varieties of key-chains, necklaces, and even bracelets. These items are great for couples living apart, best friends, grandparents, kids going off to graduation, or even if you move from your hometown/state. The possibilities are really endless with the products Nelliebead offers, and I highly encourage you to check her Etsy shop out for yourself just to see all the amazing pieces offered by her.