Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shop #JCPCinderellaMoment in honor of Cinderella out now!

Thanks to JC Penney for the Cinderella items to help with this review

In celebration of the retail collaboration with JCPenney and Disney’s New Live-Action Film “Cinderella”, JCPenney has unveiled a new line for princesses everywhere!

 The product, which was designed exclusively for JCPenney and sold in the enchanting Disney shop inside JCPenney, offers a variety of options to complete the transformation from little girl to princess. From sparkling tiaras, princess gowns, “glass” slippers and more… girls everywhere can make any moment magical and bring out their inner Cinderella.

All items are available for purchase now at JCPenney stores and all retail for under $55.

Having four little girls in our home means a lot of princess items in our home, but when I had the chance to showcase JC Penney's collection for the new Cinderella movie, I knew it was perfect for our home. There's a wide variety of items for purchase from their website and in stores, so today I'll highlight the items you see above, tell you more about them, and showcase their features. 

This is the Cinderella and Prince Charming dolls. They come together in a set for $25 and are movable and posable. I was really happy to see that they can even sit up! I discovered this when I was photographing a second Cinderella doll we received, and its a nice feature that can be hard to find at times. I know our Barbie dolls don't sit up this well at times! The dress is very glittery and a fun little feature I wasn't expecting. 

One of my favorite toys they offer and we were sent is the Cinderella Play Tea Set. Not only does it come with cups, plates, and spoons, but you also get three characters to play with when you want to use tea pot as a carriage. The characters are able to move and be posed, and everything can fit neatly in the carriage when not in use. Since the wheels move, this is a also a favorite between our girls and they play with this set daily. The one draw back we personally have is that they can take the door off so I'm hoping it doesn't break over time due to rough play. This set retails for $30 online. 

I like that we received the Figure Play Set since we have the tea set because they can all go together. This set retails for $12 and you get Cinderella, Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, mice in basket of thread, Drizella, Anastasia and Lady Tremaine figures. It's a nice collection to really pull the whole movie together when you're deep in pretend play mode and a must for the hard core Cinderella fans. 

Next up is the soft doll of Cinderella. I like this toy because its perfect around our youngest who is just 15 months old. There's no loose or small pieces and its just a nice soft squeezable Cinderella she can carry around and play with when she wants. Normal retail for her is $16 online, but I think its something that can last a long time so it's worth the price to me. 

Next up is a fun dress up item which is a simple Cinderella Headband. I like this headband because it doesn't have little teeth pieces inside which can irritate the head, and it fits nicely on all of my girls. Retailing for $7 online, its a one size fits all and has a nice variety of jewels and of course Cinderella right in front. Its cute on the girls during dress up, and they like the ease in putting it on and taking it off. 

This 5 piece accessory set was one item I'd voiced my interest in reviewing, mainly because of our 3yr old. She loves to play dress up and since you get a purse, necklace, ring, crown, and clip on earrings, I knew she'd love this play set. All our girls have their ears pierced, but they're still able to wear the clip on's further up. They don't pinch and often the girls forget they're on because they're not uncomfortable to wear. Everything fits nicely in the purse and its a good way to keep it all together when not in use. This set retails for $20 and is a must have for the little fashionista in your home! 

Here's a photo of our oldest daughter wearing the 5 piece accessory set, as well as the shirt we received. While we cannot use the shirt due to the size sent, it looks good on her when sitting just right and tucked back. Over all the shirt is really cute, and I hope as she ages it can be a better fit and we can get some good use out of it. This shirt says "The Right Shoes Can Change Your Life" and its a very fitting quote for Cinderella overall. Retailing for $26, this cap sleeve tee is in the Junior's section from sizes xs to xl. 

Over all, there's plenty of items for just about any member of the family. Whether its clothes, pajamas, dress up, toys, or other accessories, JC Penney has you covered when it comes to Cinderella and celebrating the newly released movie. 

Have you seen the new Cinderella movie yet?
What's a favorite item from the new collection?

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My daughter would be in HEAVEN! She loves Cinderella.