Friday, March 6, 2015 introduces Custom Fabric

This is a sponsored post for Zazzle. All opinions are my own

At Zazzle, The Make EngineTM, we believe that imaginations should be indulged. Curiosities, expressed. Inner designers, unleashed. Our mission is to give people everywhere the power to make anything imaginable. And we sure hope you can be a part of it.

Zazzle just introduced a new section of their website. Fabric is a great way to make custom pieces for your home, friends, or family, and they've introduced some fun patterns and fabric types to help you design a one of a kind custom piece. 

Zazzle is offering seven types of fabric – including combed cotton and natural linen, all of which can be purchased by the swatch, quarter, or the yard. The price per yard starts at $22.95. 

Explore the fabric options they offer like chevron and plaid, plus several other categories like colors, holidays, and animal theme. You can even do Monogram or add photos to your fabric. Those are my two favorite sections because its so personalized and truly one of a kind because it's your own images. 

Along with fabric, another fun section Zazzle has is cards and postage! I love a good birthday card to celebrate another year of our beautiful children, but you can also make your own wedding invitations, personalized stamps for mailing, and photo cards as well for holidays. How great would 'save the date' cards be with matching postage stamps?!

Even if we don't like to admit it, we're in a huge technology based world. Everyone has a cellphone, tablet, or laptop, but Zazzle is a fun way to spruce up your devices just to your liking. Have you ever searched around for "the perfect" cover, only to not find it? I know I have. After looking around on Zazzle's website, I really like that I can make a custom iPhone app, or choose from their dozens of categories in the search for the right one for me. I'm glad my daughters are too young for cellphone's because they even have a Frozen section for the iPhone 5c! Makes me a little tempted to get my own Olaf cover. 

I was looking around their clothing department the other day and it just seems to never end! There's so many funny shirts for all ages and you can even design your own if you'd like. Having custom clothing is fun, especially when I can purchase for our daughters, so this is one section I'll keep around for possible future use. Our oldest daughter is the only one that can find pre-made items with her name on it, so its nice when our other girls can having nice pieces as well reflecting themselves and the option of a name. Their prices are very similar to what you'd pay in stores ranging from $13-$27+ just in what I saw, and I like that I'm not paying an arm and a leg for clothing! 

While there's A LOT more sections on the Zazzle website, the last one I want to showcase is office products! If you're a follower of this blog and our social media platforms, you know I sell Jamberry. I've been wanting some business cards but didn't have a particular look in mind, but after looking around the website, I think I'll be making the leap very soon through their designs and custom features. Along with business cards you can purchase name plates for desks, mouse pads, binders, pens, and so much more! You could have one of everything matching if you wanted to because it's all possible through their website. 

Head on over to Zazzle, check out their amazing products like I mentioned above, and some other sections include Posters, Food, Accessories, Craft Supplies, Home Items, and Weddings. You won't be sorry! The first section I looked at was the Monogram and I was hooked after that! 

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Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness - they have such an extensive line of products. I am in LOVE with some of those fabric choices and yes, I need an Olaf phone cover too! Thanks for sharing!

Heather S said...

I love the custom fabric and the Nautical you posted is gorgeous! I think I need it!!