Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Costumes: More than just for Halloween!

Thanks to Costume SuperCenter for the costume to help with this review

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If you have little girls, chances are Frozen is a favorite in your home. We were a little late to the hype, but with three girls ages 3+, it works out well that they all love the same thing. As soon as our girls got done Trick or Treating last October, they already discussed what they wanted to be next year. Luckily for us our two oldest don't fight over which character they are, with one liking Elsa and one liking Anna. Since Macyn is younger and not as in to princesses, she fell in love with Olaf, they warm and fuzzy snowman. 

For the last six months I've thought about our girls and how to make all four of them a Frozen character, but then when this review opportunity came up, I was ecstatic to see Olaf and that I could start my process of getting ready for Halloween! 

Can you we just take a moment to soak in how adorable this costume is?!?!?

Macyn turned three in February, and knowing that I want to hold this costume back until October, I was comfortable in getting their size 3-4T. This is her normal size for clothing and I didn't want to size up to a Small and have it not fit, and I'm so glad I kept with that thought. 

As you can see in the picture above, the only part of the costume from Costume Super Center that doesn't fit well at this time is the length of pants. This is easy to fix because she'll be wearing shoes and you can roll them up as well if you wanted to. Since it's a white costume I think that's what I'll do just to make sure while walking around the bottoms don't get dirty. 

As you saw toward the top of the post and the image above now, this costume is three pieces. This is my favorite part because living in Indiana, our weather is up and down, so I was happy to see that this comes with sleeves and pants. Granted they're thin, but its nice to have that extra little bit when purchasing a costume. There's nothing I dislike more than buying a costume and realizing I have to put clothes under it! 

First you slip on the jumpsuit and pull the arms up to where the elastic band goes around the wrist. Next you'll put on the belly section of the costume which is easy to step in to and Velcro behind. After that you'll slip the head piece on and you're ready to go! All pieces come with Velcro and they stick well for it being a costume. 

Giving you a 360* view, you can see that the costume has a good look to it. Whether its the branch arms, coal buttons, stick hair, or carrot nose, its over all a very good piece of costume gear that was really thought out when made. 

I do think after trying it on that it would look better if she was more plump, so I think I want to attempt some pieces of newspaper inside to fill out the belly party some more. Since the bottom is open, I'm not quite sure how I'd get the newspaper or whatever to stay, but I'll figure something out! 

Over all, this is one of my favorite costumes we've ever reviewed or bought. It's made really well, comes on and off easily, and its pretty affordable when you compare it to the "normal" range of costumes. I'd say the fit is "true to size" with our 3-4T item, and it comes in three sizes 2T, 3-4T, and Small. 

Price point for this costume is great at $39.99 when not on sale, but currently it shows a discounted price of $31.99. 

No matter if its dress up, a fun function, or Halloween, this costume is a win for the Olaf lover in the family. You won't be disappointed! They have a wide variety for kids and adults, so there's always something for everyone! Just look at these Elsa and Anna costumes! 

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jopb said...

Macyn looks adorable in this costume which does look good in all views.