Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Celebrating the Father/Daughter Ball with Sophia's Style

Initially popular for our enormous selection of personalized birthday dresses, flower girl dresses and pageant dresses, Sophia's Style Boutique has grown rapidly into the best one-stop shop for all kinds of fun, whimsical girls clothing, boys clothing, baby clothes, and now maternity clothing as well! You can find children's designer clothes, shoes and hair accessories at affordable prices, perfect for the family that wants to look great without spending a fortune.

Every year our elementary school hosts a Father/Daughter ball. Last year was the first time for this occasion, and now with two children in school, we get to have twice the fun! When I saw these dresses on the Sophia's Style website, I fell in love with them and immediately contacted them for a possible review. 

Since our girls were little, I've always tried to dress our oldest Madison in pink, and our second daughter McKenzie in purple. It's just "their thing" and their colors. I really loved not only the look of these dresses, but the fact that they came in different colors made me so excited. Since they're only 19 months apart, I like dressing them similar when I can, so having the same dress but different colors was a good fit for them. 

Madison is in the pink and 7 1/2 years old. I got her a size 8 so she could grow in to it and be able to wear it for the next year of special gatherings we may have, or even next Spring for the dance! 

I think this dress fits her very well over all, and there's more then enough room for her to grow, wear for other special occasions, and probably next Spring like I hope. There's a lot of give around the top and they length fits well so there's no reason why it won't fit for a long time. She did seem to have some irritation to her skin once she got back home, and I think its because the dresses are Polyester. Her skin is used to cotton, but this isn't a big deal to me, and shouldn't give her too many problems. 

McKenzie is in the purple and almost 6 years old. I went ahead and got her a size 6 because she's petite and will be able to wear this size for quite a while as well. It would be nice to be able to use these for several special occasions while they're in these sizes! 

This dress is a little big on the straps for McKenzie, but this means just like Madison, she has plenty of room to grow in to this dress. They both loved the tulle underneath because it was easy to spin around in, and felt great wearing them. 

Over all, these dresses are pretty amazing! I really love the ability to have bows in the back for an extra flair. They came tied so beautifully but I had to untie them in order for the girls to get the dresses on, so tieing the ribbon is something I'll need to practice to get it to look good like above. 

These particular dresses range in size from 2-14, and can be purchased for the price of $52 each. There's such a wide variety over all of dresses to choose from and they also offer clothes for boys and women, along with shoes, toys, items for the home, and even baby gear. 

You can connect with Sophia's Style on their website, Facebook, and Twitter


Terra Heck said...

Those dresses are very pretty and your girls look adorable in them.