Thursday, April 9, 2015

RainLiving: Treat your Feet Gift Set Review

Thanks to Rain for the gift set to help with this review

We create handmade bath & body products and hand crafted home ware using natural ingredients with African origins. Rain products are responsibly handmade with love and care for our customers, craftspeople and the environment.

While I enjoy a good pedicure, my favorite shop around my home takes hours to sit and wait because they're so busy on the weekends when I can go alone, so I loved the thought of having some products to be able to treat my own feet at home. Not only would I be saving money this way, but since I wear Jamberry nails wraps, it just doesn't make sense for me to go to a salon for work. 

My big problem with my feet is dry cracked heels and rough skin on both my feet. It's pretty embarrassing, gross for me to look at, and something I've dealt with for years. I wear flip flops as much as I can from Spring-Fall and it definitely shows based off how my feet look. Since I can't afford a $30 plus tip pedicure every two weeks, I've always looked for different things to try to use at home to help combat my issue. I was pretty excited to try this Treat Your Feet gift set, but that means I have to show the bottoms of my feet to ya'll!

Since the Jamberry on my toes had been on for two months, I figured taking them off and giving myself a pedicure was perfect timing. As you can see in the above image, for some reason my left foot is always worse than my right. I have issues with very dry heels and then in the insides of both feet. Since I wear flip flops all Spring, Summer, and part of Fall, I put a lot of wear and tear on my feet and it shows a lot. 

As you can see in the above photo, there is a huge different from my before and after photos. With just one treatment, my skin doesn't look as dry, a lot of the white flaky skin is gone, and its not near as noticeable as it was before. While you can still see the creases that need more work, I'm very impressed over all. 

When using this gift set you get three main items that really work their magic. After soaking your feet for a little bit, you use the foot scrub to really exfoliate the feet and get off dead skin. After using  the scrub and the other accessories like the big file, the cooling cream was a really nice finishing touch to it all. It gave my feet a lot of moisture and my feet felt refreshed in a sense. 

I plan on using this kit every time I change the Jamberry wraps on my toes, and I think this will save me money and long waits at a salon, plus its a nice little treat for myself in the little moments of quiet beyond the chaos of our four great girls! 

They recently launched a baby section on their website, and offer other items for the home as well as this Treat Your Feet Gift Set! 

You can connect with RainLiving via their website, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.

 Also, you can enter code MAMASBABY20 at checkout for 20% off anything on their site. It's a one time use per customer from April 13-May 1.


Brittany Ann said...

I really need to try this set. My poor feet don't get near enough love these days.

jopb said...
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jopb said...

I like the products you described here and my feet could use the attention. I shall check out the Rainliving site.

Renee Smith said...

I have totally disgusting feet. I'm too embarrassed to even go get a pedicure. I really need these products!