Friday, May 15, 2015

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard Jetsetter Review

Thanks to Graco for this Pack 'n Play® Playard to help with this review

The Graco® brand of baby gear provides thoughtful, practical and dependable parenting solutions inspired by the instincts and best intentions of a loving parent. After carefully observing a parent's natural instincts to protect, nurture, comfort and soothe, Graco brings them to life in a broad range of innovative products, from strollers and car seats to high chairs, playards, monitors and more.

Pack 'n Plays are a typical piece of baby equipment. Whether its your first or your tenth child, you know why they're beneficial and great to have around. I got the chance to review Graco's Jetsetter Playard and I was thrilled to add another great Graco product to our collection, and see how far pack 'n plays have come since I first purchased one back in 2007! 

We haven't owned a Pack 'n Play in several years since I sold the one we had since we had a gap in children. Thinking we were only having one more, we didn't invest in another playard, but after seeing Graco's Jetsetter, I'm here to shout to the world how everyone needs one!!

One of the nice things about pack n plays is that they're mobile. You can take them from room to room in the home, outside in the yard, to kids' games and more, but with the canopy, you don't need to worry as much about the sun!! 

This is the most typical way we used our pack 'n play. It's great no matter the age (until they can climb out) and it has a lot of benefits when outside or needing to do some cleaning around the house. What if you have a small baby? What about a great place to change diapers and lay them down for their several naps each day? Well this pack 'n play has a bassinet! 

It took me a little while to set this up, but it was worth it once I had it all together. To use the bassinet feature, there's four simple steps you'll want to take after setting up the main playard. Since you zip the bassinet piece to secure it around on all four sides, this is easy to do once you get it going. You'll find the zipper under the great flap they added to ensure zipper is hidden. Once you zip all four sides, you'll need to connect the bars to create the bottom from slouching to firm. After that you install the mattress and you're ready to go. It creates a nice safe place for our little babies to lay while staying protected. 

Another feature that I really like is the attachable changing mat and holder. This is something small that can make such a huge difference! It just clips on the side of the pack 'n play and then you fill up the pockets with diapers, wipes, creams, powders, etc etc. The mat folds when not in use, and then when it's time to change baby again, you simply unfold it, lay it out over the top of the bassinet and then you're saving the mattress from messes. 

As babies, my girls hated the sun. Even just going in their infant seat from the car to the store, they didn't want that bright light in their eyes. Could you imagine being a little baby and dealing with that?! Now with the Jetsetter, they can peacefully play or sleep while outside and be able to enjoy themselves and others around them. 

This Playard is something I've never seen, and the special canopy on top immediately catches my eye for several reasons. This canopy can be used to keep animals away from a newborn, you can keep the sun out of their face while outdoors, and even little critters like bees! It's so easy to set up and it only takes a few seconds. All you do is clip on the bar on both sides of the pack 'n play, and then stretch out each side to where each corner fastens on with a snap. How simple is that?! You can easily see baby through the mesh, its breathable for their maximum comfort, and if you need to get them out, its just a quick unsnap of two buttons and you're done. 

When taking down this pack 'n play, each side has a signature Graco push-button you push to release the bars and enable folding. This is another feature that only takes a couple of seconds, and while the button is a little tough to push for me, its a more modern version of past items I've used and had to fight with to collapse. 

One of my favorite parts about this pack 'n play is that it comes with a carrying case! I can't tell you how many times I've dropped a pack 'n play out of the mattress around it while trying to carry it to different locations. Not only does this bag have full coverage to keep the pack 'n play inside, it also features side pockets for easy access to drinks or maybe wipes, and it also has straps to carry on your back. Now you can be hands free and worry about the kiddos running around while carrying the pack n' play on your back. 

You can purchase this Jetsetter Playard in two colors called "Sunshine" and "Fern". You can purchase this set on for $149.99 with free shipping for Prime members, or Target for $149.99. 

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