Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kandoo Childrens Products Review

Thanks to Kandoo for the line of products to review
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We've tried Kandoo Flushable wipes before, while potty training our second daughter. She couldn't seem to get fully clean like needed after going potty, so one day we picked up some wipes from our local store thinking they would be worth a shot. We ended up buying them for several months, but stopped once she got better, but I'd been thinking about beginning to purchase again. 

We always want to make sure our kids do certain things correctly, but sometimes they just need some extra help, and that's where Kandoo came to the rescue! We'd have to talk with our daughter every couple months about making sure she's clean after potty breaks, and being almost six years old now, I knew something needed to change. Thinking of buying more Kandoo wipes and getting the pitch to review was great timing all around. 

To me, the wipes feel like a baby wipe. They're a lot smaller, flushable, smell great, and have all the benefits of ensuring cleanliness and independence while going to the restroom. You can purchase the "Magic Melon" scent or the "Sensitive" kind for kiddos that avoid scented items. These wipes are sewer and septic safe, and since they're just 6.7 x 4.1 inches this ensures no clogs or issues flushing. 

I love that they have a tub to store wipes in so the kids can just close the lid instead of worrying about drying out, and then you simply buy the refill packets for those. You can also use the on the go versions which is great to store in the diaper bag and use when the kids need a potty break or even while you're out to lunch and need a quick clean up of the face and hands. 

I was anxious to try other products in the Kandoo line since we've only purchased wipes, and I have to say that the hand soap is now a life long purchase for us. I love the way the bottle is shaped and the fun green shade of it, but the soap smells so amazing and its a fun raspberry color when it comes out. I like that its a colored soap because its easier for the kids to see how much they have, and if they're getting all parts of the hands while washing. One pump of soap is all you need for little hands, and you're left with clean great smelling hands until the next time comes to wash up! 

Sensitive Skin Bubble Bath has a  gentle formula with Shea and Cocoa Butter to help moisturize and maintain the skin's natural balance and to prevent dry skin. It's hypoallergenic and creates long lasting bubbles while the kids enjoy bath time fun. I was glad they sent this one just because our girls do have sensitive skin and true bubble bath is not a common thing in our home. McKenzie has Eczema and the rest of our girls have dry skin patches here and there, so its important to ensure I'm doing no harm. With this bubble bath, they get to enjoy a new feature with bath time, play around and have fun, and get out feeling clean with no extra dry skin or itchy spots. 

Kandoo offers a variety of products for a reasonable price. They can be purchased at many locations like Kroger, Walgreens, and Toys R Us, and then you can purchase directly from their website

Almost everything Kandoo offers has a price point of under $5. There are some higher items because of the amount of refill wipes, but it's pretty amazing to get everything you see for a fraction of the price of other "kid" products. 

I highly suggest trying Kandoo for your kids, seeing what their company is all about, and have them become a staple in your home like they have our's. 

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