Monday, June 22, 2015

5 Quick Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair!

I cut my hair off back in February, after a long battle of growing out hair dye and wanting to rid myself of the fried and damaged hair. I decided to get an A-line bob where the back of my hair rested on my shoulders and the front was past my collar bone. Since then I have yet to get a trim, and have been wanting to teach myself some easy ways to change up my look. Normally when I "fix" my hair, I use my amazing straightener that I reviewed last year. It came from the website Flat Iron Experts, and since I love it so much, I emailed them to review a curling iron. Now that my hair is a lot shorter then before (about 8" to be exact" I really wanted to try to explore with a curling iron, try some beachy waves maybe, and just change up my normal look. 

Below you'll find the hairstyles I chose to try after curling my hair with the Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron from Flat Iron Experts. They also sent me some finishing spray and jaw clips that I'll feature as well. 

I liked this curling iron because it's 1", elements static electricity when fixing your hair, and it comes with 40 adjustable heats setting up to a very hot 428 F. I like options when doing my hair, so this means you can vary your curl choices and it's easier to use with different hair types. 

Let's jump right in to the longest part of doing your hair, the curling! I'll be honest in saying that before this review, I hadn't curled my hair in probably 12+ years. My older sisters always had giant curling irons and they just never held in my hair once I was done, but as an adult now, and more knowledge, I wanted to be able to spice up my hair here and there and a curling iron is a necessity! 

I had a friend over this day to help me with my hair and take photos, and above you'll see a process shot from curling my hair and using the jaw clips. I wasn't expecting the clips, but I was so happy they were included. When I fix our oldest daughter's hair, I'm always saying I need some clips to keep it out of the way, and now I'm glad I have these. 

The jaw clips are durable, expandable, tight fitting, and non-slip. They are perfect tools for sectioning hair while styling.  Durable and strong, stainless steel springs that will hold onto hair tightly.  The QT Performance Jaw Clips feature a unique design in which they expand in the middle to hold thick sections of hair.  

Hairstyle #1: The Basic Curl!

All of the hairstyles I showcased in the very top photo were done after curling my hair all over. When ever you want to change up a look, the two things I first think of are curling or straightening your hair. I went to school with a girl named Tacey who now does hair, as well as vlogs on a YouTube channel. This is where I brushed up on some curling techniques and one of the hair styles I'll be featuring. You can find her curling iron how to video here. We did have to play with the temperature a bit on the curling iron because we didn't want it too high, but it was too low at first. This is the result of a medium type of setting, and I think next time I should turn it up more to get more of the top half to curl. 

Hairstyle #2: Banged Braid!

For me, this is such an easy thing to do. It became my "go to" quick style with my long hair because it was always in my face. While the front of my hair is all one length, I have more hair on the right due to my side part, so a simple braid pinned back behind the back of my hair is a cute, simple, and easy way to keep that hair out of your face! 

Hairstyle #3: The Bump!
The bump isn't the easiest thing for me to do just because I'm not used to it, but it's such a quick and fun way to get the hair out of your face for the day. By simply taking the front section of your hair and twisting it up to the top of your head, it gives you a nice look but yet has your face open and nicely seen. My friend did this bump, and when she pulls it up, she then pushes it forward it a little bit to create the bump, and then uses a handful of bobby pins to secure it down for an all day wear. It only takes a couple minutes and it really does stay all day long! I'll be wearing this look a lot during the Summer!

Hairstyle #4: Headband Accent!
This is a brand new look for me and I gotta say.... I LOVE IT! I've seen friends and pictures on social media of this simple head band look, but I never tried it until this post. My girls even wear their head bands like this and I think "oh my gosh, they look so cute! I want to try that!" Once we curled my hair fully, I stuck the head band on and then pulled the hair up a little bit in the back so it didn't have such a flat look over all. This is by far the quickest change up you can do once you curl/straighten your hair. It took a couple minutes to get used to it, but it stayed in place well, kept my hair out of my face since it's holding it down, and added a little flair to my hair. I need to get a collection of head bands going for myself since this is technically my girls' head band from a past Peppercorn Kids review

Hairstyle #5: Tuck and Roll with Headband!
This style took my friend and I the longest to get just right, only because my short hair in the back of my head due to the A-Line Bob I currently have. After we watched Tacey's tutorial a couple times on this hair style, we took the plunge and finally got it perfect! Since the under side of the back of my hair is very short, that is the only reason we had to tuck several times. I'd definitely suggest a little more length like Tacey's hair in her video, but once you get the idea down and practice a couple times, it's really quick (as you can see when you watch Tacey do it!) All you do is place the head band on your head like image #4, and then you take your hair and roll it up in to the head band! After you have all the hair in, you roll it a little tighter and to ensure it's pretty even all around, and then pull a little around the dome of the head to give it some body, curl front pieces if you want them, and you're done! This is probably the second fastest hair style once you have practice because you don't need to do anything to your hair since it's all tucked in. While you're tucking in the hair, let your curling iron heat up, do the two pieces, and boom! 

Flat Iron Experts has been in the hair and beauty industry for almost a decade. We continue to be one of the best and most reliable online beauty shops today. Our team of qualified hair care consultants will always provide you with their expertise. Our goal is to ensure that you will find the perfect styling tool best for your hair. 

This particular Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron comes in four different sizes and varies on price depending on the size. I got the 1" version which retails for $89.99. It features a great locking button so when you turn on the heat and pick your setting, you don't have to worry about it hitting it and turning it up or down while you're doing your hair. It also heats up quickly, so there's not need to wait 10 minutes for it to get hot. After about 20 seconds you can tell it's working it's way up to your temperature of choice and there's not much wait time needed. The only negative I could see was that the black tip does get pretty hot, so it would be nice if there was a way to prevent that to help hold it better with both hands when needed for stability. 

The QT Performance Jaw Clips I was sent retail for $12.99 and is great for styling hair. It holds thick hair and stays in place when in use. They're so handy when doing either your own hair or others because you get a 5 pack that won't rust or loose their grip over time due to the special design. 

Last but not least is the White Sands Infinity Finishing Hairspray that I received, and it retails on their website for $19.99. I don't feel like it's hairspray because it's not sticky, it doesn't make your hair super stiff, and it brushes out at the end of the day. While my curls did loosen and fall out over time, they held very well for a couple hours. My hair still had bounce to it with the spray in, but once I was done for the day and getting ready for bed, I could brush it out of my hair with no major issues, and my hair was left looking nice and thick, very soft to the touch, and it didn't appear dirty or crunchy.

Overall, I'm so happy that Flat Iron Experts agree to work with me again and get in touch with a different side of me. Being a mother of four can be tough, but sometimes a girl just needs to throw on a little make up, fix her hair, put on a cute outfit, and feel like a 10! 


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Pinning this for later! I'm always trying to come up with hairstyle ideas, but never have much time! These all seem completely doable :)