Monday, June 29, 2015

Chuckles Crave-able Jelly Candy

Since first arriving on the scene in 1921, Chuckles® irresistible jelly candies have been bringing smiles to kids’ faces. Today, the classic “Chuckles five” – Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Licorice – are still an iconic candy that’s ridiculously easy to enjoy. 

Get Chuckles this Summer—Both Laughs and the Classic Jelly Candy—during America’s #1 Comedy Competition and Take Advantage of a Limited-Time 2-for-1 Ticket Offer
INDIANAPOLIS  What do you get when you combine America’s #1 Comedy Competition with classic, crave-able jelly candy?  Lots of Chuckles® at ComedySportz Indianapolis (721 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN)! This summer, Chuckles is partnering with ComedySportz Indianapolis, for a special 2-for-1, limited-time ticket offer to ComedySportz® matches. Use code CHUCKLES to redeem the ComedySportz buy-one-get-one free ticket offer through Oct. 25, 2015. For tickets, call the ComedySportz Indianapolis box office at (317) 951-8499/Toll Free (866) 91-LAUGH.
Offer is valid 6/1/2015 to 10/25/2015. Redeemable with advance reservations only at participating clubs. Find your nearest location to see ComedySportz at Must call ahead for tickets, and must mention CHUCKLES special offer code when ordering. Redemption is subject to availability of tickets. Good for public performances only. Not redeemable for cash. Not valid with any other offer.

I'm a big candy person. My preference is chocolate, but I like other sweets as well. When I was contacted to share about Chuckles candies, I thought it would be fun for our kids and a chance to try something new to me.

I received one box of the 24ct mini bags, one box of 24ct big Chuckles, and then one bag of the minis in a resealable bag. As soon as it all arrived, I popped open the resealable bag so I could try all the flavors!

Each item comes with a variety of five different flavors. You have your choices of licorice, cherry, lime, orange, and lime, and they're all pretty good. I don't like licorice because I never have, but it's my husband's favorite! Since no one else likes it either, I've been putting all the licorice pieces in the resealable bag for him to enjoy from time to time since he's not much of a candy person. 

I really like the mini sizes because they're the perfect size to just pop one in your mouth and go! They're a fun treat for all our girls, but especially our toddler, who thinks its magical to get a treat, and they're easy for her to chew with no issues. 

Ferrara Candy Company is the leading non-chocolate confectionery company in the U.S., with a portfolio of strong brands and retail partnerships. With a candy for every craving, Ferrara Candy Company brands make consumers happy every day and include: TROLLI®, BLACK FOREST®, BRACH’S®, LEMONHEAD®, NOW AND LATER®, SATHERS®, BOBS®, RED HOTS®, ATOMIC FIREBALL®, CHUCKLES®, BOSTON BAKED BEANS, SWEET STRIPES®, SUPER BUBBLE®, FRUIT STRIPE®, RAIN-BLO®, JUJYFRUITS® and JAWBUSTERS®

To find Chuckles near you, you can go to their website and input your zipcode for local stores in your area. You can also connect with Chuckles on Facebook


Jackie said...

These bring back memories from my childhood! My mom use to buy Chuckles to pack in our lunch. The orange was always my favorite. I havent had them in years, but will be on the lookout for them.

Jayne said...

Loved these! I will have to look at our retro candy shop to see if they have them.