Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mya Update: 18 Months Old

I can't believe it! As I'm writing this post, I can't help what wonder where the last 18 months have gone! 

Food: She eats pretty much anything and everything she can! There isn't much she doesn't like, and can eat way more than she should in one sitting. 

Teeth: She has 8 teeth now compared to 2 at her 12 month update, but still no molars or eye teeth like I figured she'd have by now. 

She's learned how to go up and down our stairs, but I encourage help when going down because I just don't trust that she can get all the way down with no issues. She thinks she can, but she takes the help and is fine with it. 

She loves baby dolls and patting their backs acting like the perfect little mommy. She prefers to play with her sister's toys rather than the ones she has more for her age, so most of those left and she knows the playroom is her source of toy fun now. 

She's had 3 sessions now with a Developmental Therapist courtesy of First Steps due to not talking. She has said mama for a while, but dada comes and goes, and she just grunts and points if she needs something. Because of this, she has been learning sign language and has three signs down so far. More, please, and all done/gone are huge for her to learn because that helps us in knowing what's on her mind. She did appear to be saying "cheese" last weekend while trying to pry open our refrigerator, but its not a normal word for her and she hasn't said it since. 

At her 1yr check up she weighed 21lb 4.8 oz and had a height of 29.5" This means in 6 months she's grown just under 2lbs and 3" !!! 

One last big occurance that's happened since her 12 month update is that she is now rear facing in a big girl seat vs an infant seat. I wanted to wait until we were mostly past the cold weather to transistion her because an infant seat is easier for me and warmer for her. I wrote a full review on her Graco Milestone All-in-One seat if you'd like to read it here.  

This post seems pretty short, but not much has changed in the past 6 months besides her over all look and growing in to a fun little girl. 

Until her birthday in December when she's TWO!