Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Xo,G Wine Review

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It goes without saying, that every mom needs that one hour or even just a few minutes to themselves to unwind after the kids have gone to bed. Between juggling carpools, soccer practice, work, dinner and cleaning sometimes a mom just needs that one glass of wine at the end of a hard day.   Xo, G Wine is every Mom’s perfect solution to that much needed at-home mommy happy hour!

Each bottle consists of four prefilled, individually sealed, shatterproof, stemless wine glasses that snap together to form a perfect equivalent of a 750mL bottle. Perfect for those moms who want just ONE glass but don’t want to worry about spoiling an entire bottle.  The dilemma that comes each night with deciding to open up a bottle of wine: 1. Do you keep drinking more than just the glass so you don’t waste the full bottle or 2. Do you just end up pouring the rest of the bottle out 5 days later because you haven’t had time to enjoy another glass since you first opened: Xo, G’s portioned servings are the key to solving this problem!!

Moscato is a deliciously sweet taste of summer, with fresh peach and fruity aromas. Just sweet enough to dance on the tongue, this flirty Moscato knows how to tease the palate without going too far. Packed with bright flavors of juicy apricot and peach, with hints of crisp citrus for a clean finish. This particular wine origin is sourced from the sun-drenched vineyards in northern California.

I'm personally a big fan of the sweet wines and this Moscato wine was my favorite of all the flavors I was sent. It was sweet and light bodied with 12% alcohol content. The taste was a perfect blend of peach and apricot and was very smooth going down. This is one of those drinks where it doesn't "taste" like alcohol so it sneaks up on you fast! Before I knew it, I had already drank three out of the four glasses. With as much alcohol content as these have, I was feeling a bit tipsy that night, so I was thankful that these glasses are unbreakable! This wine tastes great on it's own without food. That means it's perfect while in a bubble bath after a long stressful day. The website recommends pairing this wine with desserts and light cheeses, so I put it to the test. Although it is just perfect on it's own, it was also great with a big slice of birthday cake. It added a perfect little kick of fruit between each bite of cake. Absolutely the best wine I've ever had!

Rose is a fresh bouquet of flavor that boasts a delectable crispness. Versatile and oh so chic, this French Rose tastes as good as it looks but, don't let the color fool you. This delightfully dry wine is the perfect option for when you want something a little heavier than a white wine yet, not quite as full bodied as a red wine. This particular wine origin is in the Languedoc Roussillon region of France; the vineyard is located in the South of France, next to Provence.

The taste is dry and light bodied with 12.6% alcohol content. Normally, I'm not a fan of the dry wines but, there was something about the light apple and strawberry combo that I loved. There wasn't a dry bite to it like your typical dry wines would have. I drank a couple of these while we were grilling out and it was the perfect taste of "summertime". Like the Moscato, this flavor was also fine without food. The website suggests pairing this wine with grilled meats like turkey and chicken. Of course I had to try their suggestion and I cooked myself grilled chicken with a side of baked potato. Not only did this Rose wine complement my chicken nicely, I feel like it made my entire meal much more delectable. The crisp apple/strawberry flavor with the grilled chicken was to die for! You absolutely must try Rose this summer!

Mix pack of Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio features Noir's delicate blend of silky smooth richness and bold berry notes along with Grigio's delightful burst of bright citrus and relaxed hints of tropical fruit. A dynamic duo that's sure to please and crowd.

This delightful contrast of red and white wine makes this mixed pack the gift everyone will want. Featuring two glasses of Pinot Noir and two glasses of Pinot Grigio, it's something for everyone, wrapped up in one fabulous bottle. Because life is full of hard decisions - wine shouldn't be one of them.

Pinot Noir is a delicate blend of silky smooth richness and bold berry notes. A passionate swirl of dark fruit creates a symphony of flavor. Like cuddling up to someone, these silky smooth notes are just the right kind of warmth and mystery. This particular wine origin is the Languedoc Roussillon region of France; the vineyard is located between the regions of Gard and Herault near Provence.

Unless you have the acquired taste for dry, medium bodied wines, I wouldn't recommend drinking this would food. There is 13% alcohol content and I like to think of this wine as the best drink choice for all of the rich foods. It has sort of a bitter taste to it alone but once it's paired with a juicy cheeseburger or greasy slice of pizza, It's magic! There's something about the hint of cherries and blackberries in this wine that makes it a perfect drink for all of those other rich foods too, like pasta. I was expecting this certain wine to give me that filling sensation (that overstuffed or i-ate-too-much feeling) since medium bodied wines normally do that do me. Surprisingly it didn't and it was a delicious experience without the yucky feeling afterward.

Pinot Grigio is a delightful burst of bright citrus and relaxed hints of tropical fruit. Like a stroll though the Italian countryside on a bright summer day, this wine is everything a Pinot Grigio should be... Light, with an aroma of citrus, mango, and peach with a crisp, lemony finish. This particular wine's origin is the Veneto region of Italy; the vineyard is located in the Soave growing region in the eastern part of the province of Verona.

This wine is also best with foods since it does have that bite the dry wines normally have. The taste is Dry, light bodied with 12% alcohol content. I wasn't a huge fan of this flavor on it's own, so I would recommend having this wine along with a meal. On their website, they recommend this flavor paired with seafood. I tried this Pinot Grigio paired with baked salmon and fresh veggies and it turned into a wonderful combo. The bite of the Pinot Grigio along side of the lemon pepper flavor of the fish worked together beautifully.

Whether you’re in the mood for a dry Rosé, crisp Pinot Grigio, smooth Pinot Noir or sweet Moscato, Xo, G wine will satisfy any mom’s craving. Tasty yet affordable, Xo, G also eliminates the inconvenience of corkscrews and dirty glasses, the last thing any hard working momma wants to deal with after winding down. And for those worried about broken glass, Xo,G is made of the recyclable packaging, Vinoware™ – a container that emulates the tasteful look and feel of a wine glass coupled by the durability of plastic. Not only are the cups durable, but they are also adorable! The elegant designs on the outside make these wines a perfect gift for a 21st birthday.

Xo, G retails for under $10 and is available at select Walmart locations nationwide.
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