Friday, July 3, 2015

Little Tikes 7 foot enclosed Trampoline

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

The Little Tikes Company was founded in 1970. It is a multi-national manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, innovative childrens products. In November of 2006, Little Tikes became a part of MGA Entertainment. Our headquarters and largest manufacturing facility are located in Hudson, Ohio. We also have a number of manufacturing and distribution centers in Europe and Asia.Our goal is to create and supply innovative products to customers and consumers around the world.

Little Tikes has always been a favorite company of our's since our oldest daughter was little. They continue to think of great products, and their items last for years! I was thrilled when I was given the chance to review their trampoline because we have a decent sized backyard, and I knew this would be a great addition for our girls while enjoying their Summer break! 
Below are just instillation photos on how to put this item together. It took about 90 minutes with some breaks here and there, but over all a painless process to build. 

Even though I knew it would be seven feet tall, it doesn't appear to be so large in person. It's great for kids, but doesn't take up a huge space. I really like how it's put together because every extra step for safety is so important with children, and Little Tikes has you covered with all the extras to ensure the springs and hardware are hidden from harm. Since our kids range from 18 months to 7 years old, it really is versatile for all ages, and gives them all a different degree of fun. 

Here's our two oldest girls jumping for the first time. They're seven and six years old, and enjoy the trampoline the most. Since they can get a lot of bounce going, they get pretty high, and I have to remind them not to grab the top of the net when jumping to ensure it doesn't move or come out of place. 

Next up is our other two little girls, aged three and eighteen months. While Macyn could get the hang of it and jump around, Mya just walked around more and thought it was funny to be in the netting while everyone else was outside waiting their turn. Ideally they recommend children to be at least 3 when using this trampoline and I can see why. Even though Mya doesn't play in it much, it's nice to have the padding all the way around to protect her little feet and hands, as well as the netting because she wouldn't be on it otherwise. Since these two are younger, it's especially nice having the full zipper at the opening to ensure if they fall that they're not going to fall off and there's 360degree protection. 

Having the added pockets for shoes is a nice feature because they're contained in one place. It stretches nice and several pairs can go in each side, so it's nice over all when playing in the back yard jumping and then turning to something else, because you never loose your shoes no matter what you're doing. 

Over all, this is another great product by Little Tikes, and one I can see lasting for quite a while in our house with our growing kids. Since the weight limit is 100lbs and our oldest is only in the upper 50lb range, there's quite a couple more years even for her before she's too big by weight or suggested age limit of 10yrs old. 

The only thing my husband mentioned that wasn't included is a way to anchor it safely to the ground to help with storms and high power winds. So far, its rained a lot since it's been up and it has stayed in place, but we had a friend recently loose their big size trampoline in a storm, so some type of anchor material is in our future for this fun toy. 

Retail value for this 7' enclosed trampoline is $229.99 plus shipping on their website. I feel as though this is well worth the price because of the protection included, the nice durable safety net, and the over all fun size for all ages. 

You can connect with Little Tikes on their websiteFacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. 


abedabun dawn said...

I love the looks of that trampoline! Looks so much safer than the bigger ones.