Thursday, July 9, 2015

Must have Minion cereal from General Mills!

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Who's kids love the minions characters like our girls do?! In anticipation for the new movie hitting theaters tomorrow, General Mills released this special editioni Minions Banana Berry flavored cereal. I was thrilled when we were approached and given the chance to try it before it hit store shelves, and we've since purchased it because our kids love it so much!

As soon as the box arrived in the mail, I had to try it. Sure it was going to be dry, but I was anxious just like my girls to look at it in person, try it, and see how well it tasted since banana was in the title. I'm not normally a banana flavored person, but I couldn't resist, and it is delicious! There's more of a berry flavor in my opinion with a small after taste of banana, but it's subtle,which makes it so good. 

There's sugar flakes on it, and while they're not as clear as the box photos, there are minion characters imprinted on the pieces. This 12.4 oz box of cereal lasts for only couple days in our house because with three growing little girls, they want 1-2 small bowls, and eat it every morning until it's gone. 

I like the box because there's something to look at on several sides and a fun game on the back. The girls enjoyed "spot the difference" in the mornings, even if they'd found everything. 

You can purchase this cereal at Wal-Mart and my husband also saw it at Marsh. It's a couple dollars, and will be a kid favorite once they try it! I'm not sure how long it will be on shelves, so you may want to stock up on boxes if the kiddos enjoy it. I think we'll do the same since it has an extended shelf life.