Friday, August 7, 2015

Off to School We Go with FabKids

Thanks to Fab Kids for the outfit to help with this review

FabKids was founded to empower boys and girls to express their individuality through personalized outfits while revolutionizing the shopping experience for moms and dads by delivering high-quality, reasonably priced, fresh style in just ‘one-click.'

For our August review, I chose the "Denim Wild for School" outfit, along with a fabulous pair of glitter high top sneakers. Again, since Madison is the oldest, she is the one who gets the reviews, and she started second grade this year! Her wardrobe consists of many dresses from FabKids, but I wanted to open her closet up with another set of shirt and leggings for a more laid back look. 

I was thrilled about this outfit because I love prints, Madison loves bright fun colors, and we both adore these fun sneakers! Since we're already in school, I immediately opened the package, took some pictures, and then we were all set to have her wear it the next day! 

I decided to change the size for Madison several months ago because she has a long torso and I started to find the Medium (6-8) wasn't fitting as well over time. She is 7 1/2 years old now and I knew even if the Large (8-10) may be a little big, it would be something she could grow in to vs not wearing that long. You can't tell much of a difference on her from Medium to Large and I'm so happy I made the choice to size up because it gives her room to grow and longer wear for outfits. The leggings are a little long for her, which was strange since she wears a Large normally, but this just means she'll be able to wear them through the Fall and even next Spring and beyond! Both the top and bottoms are made of cotton and polyester so they're soft and stretchy, yet don't loose their hold after a full day of wear. FabKids holds up well with many washes, and Madison's main items in her closest consist of FabKids, which she wouldn't have any other way. 

Now to my favorite part of this review! I noticed these glitter high top sneakers a couple months ago and immediately thought they were perfect for Madison. Since they consist of her favorite things, I didn't even show her the shoe options on the FabKids website because I knew these would be her favorite! Well... I should've recorded her reaction when she saw them because it was pure joy! She was fascinated with the over all glitter, the hot pink really stands out, and she was thrilled to see hearts on each side! I got her a size 2 so she could grow in to them a little bit and they fit her well. She has worn them every day since arriving in the mail and they still look pretty good over all. 

Two things I noticed with the shoes is that the glitter does come off, so it would've been nice to see maybe a clear material over it to keep it intact and safe from rubs scrapes and rubs, but also THERE'S NO NEED TO TIE! I didn't realize this in the photos online and it wasn't even something I was looking at because she can easily tie her shoes, but when she tried them on and started tugging at the shoe strings I realized they don't need tied. Even though these shoes don't tie, her feet don't slip around, they don't feel loose on her, and it's easy to slip them on and off. She's mentioned it feels like they hug her feet so I can only assume once you slip them on they may go down a little to get that tight fit kids need when it comes to running around and playing. 

I really like how well these shoes go with just about any outfit she chooses. They seem to blend well with the different colors of each outfit, and that could be because the glitter is multi colored and plays well off everything. 

Currently FabKids is offering great back to school options to help keep our kids stylish and yet keep our wallets intact! There's plenty of school deals under $20 which includes dresses from $15, girls tops & tees from $10, leggings 3 for $19, tutus from $8, sneakers from $19, and boys tops & tees from $6. If you sign up to become a member you'll get your first outfit, plus one free AND free shipping!!! 

FabKids is JustFab's newest fashion club, started by a team of parents including mom and actress Christina Applegate. It's an outfit club, so parents get monthly selections of super affordable, high-quality fashions personalized for their kids. Every outfit includes 2 pieces for just $29.95, so you can get a fabulous dress, paired with leggings OR a top and a bottom. FabKids is currently available in sizes 2-12, and all FabKids outfits ship free on all orders over $49. You have until the 5th of every month to “skip the month” or you will be charged $29.95 on the 6th of the month, which will give you one credit to use on the website. One credit gets you an entire 2-piece outfit! Outfits come in adorable pink boxes for girls and awesome blue packages for boys!

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What cute outfits! I love the top in the first photo.