Sunday, August 30, 2015

Off To School We Go! with Kohls

The heart of our company is Kohl's Cares. With gifts of talent, time and money, we're making our communities happier, healthier, greener places to live and work. Founded in 1962, you can shop in one of many stores or online to find the perfect items for you. 

I have been a long time shopper of Kohl's. From being in elementary school and going back to school shopping, to now with my own kids and their special occasion needs and even winter coats, Kohl's has always been my favorite store to shop for high quality clothing that won't break my wallet. I couldn't contain my excitement when they agreed to work with me on a review because it was coming close to school time again and we needed some new updated wardrobe items for our girls. I was given $100 to shop and away I went scouring things for all four girls, but mainly our oldest two school ages children. 

I always like to take photos of my reviews straight out of the package, however I didn't do that with all of these clothes this time, and when the girls wore their matching anchor outfits, the sunblock we used ruined the shirts. This means I have a small screen shot above of what we got and I'll showcase real photos as well through out the post. 

As you can see, I used my $100 gift card, a special discount code they had online, free shipping after spending their specified certain amount, and only spent $7.47 out of my pocket. Then I EARNED $20.00 Kohl's cash to use for a future purchase!! 

First, I'll share my love of anchors. A friend of mine purchased the same shirt and shorts for our second daughter back in May as a birthday gift and with this gift card I was able to get three more pair so all four of the girls could match! Along with the outfits I got a pair of leggings for our youngest and a maxi dress for our oldest! 

Since I purchased this dress in the little older girl's section, I'm able to dry it and it still has great length over all. It did shrink a little but just enough to come up off the ground so I can see her wearing this for quite a long time! Even as she grows it could look cute as a short dress, and because its cotton and breathable, it can stretch to fit any size. This dress looks cute with a denim light weight jacket or bare like in the photos and she loves wearing it as much as she can. 

I got the girls some shorts and new shirts so they could still have the "new clothes" idea for back to school, but they already had plenty at home they hadn't outgrown yet. I really fell in love with the roses shirts and didn't realize until I placed my order that they were basically the same thing. One is a normal cut shirt and the other is a ballet cut so it's shorter. While both are a size 7/8, the shorter ballet shirt is on McKenzie since she's younger and doesn't have as long of a torso as Madison does. 

Madison loves unicorns and fair tales so when I saw the shirt above I just had to snag it! It's a little sheerer then I assumed it would be, but over all it looks great on her. I like the pale pink background and bright unicorns but my only complaint would be that the unicorns are all upside down. It's not something I noticed on the website, but she loves it and that's all that matters. 

With Summer here, I opted to go ahead and get Mya this cute tank since she has a lot of hand me downs from her sister's. It an 18 months and fits just right so I don't dry it to ensure it fits until little colder weather hits. I also got her some socks for this winter because it was easier then trying to match old ones! They're soft, thin, and she really likes them on because they're not too thick when wearing tennis shoes. 

Over all, Kohl's hands down never disappoints. I absolutely love their "Jumping Bean" section because if you look hard enough you'll find clothing from little babies to pre-teen size which means all my girls can match for an average of $10-$12 an outfit. Now times that by four and it can get pricey, but I love having them match for certain special events and I know Kohl's is the only place I can do that for an affordable budget. They're always having sales and special discount codes on their site so outfits I listed are after those discounts. This line is comparable to "Giranimals" from Wal-Mart but a wider variety and bigger sizing selection. 

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