Saturday, August 15, 2015

Squatchi: Foot Sizer for Kids

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

After realizing that buying shoes online for her kids, although convenient, was hard without accurate sizing, Squatchi inventor Amy Carabajal bought a professional foot-measuring tool to solve her problems. Once other moms in her neighborhood realized she had invested in one of these devices, they were showing up to measure their own kids’ feet and that was when Amy knew something needed to be done. 
With being a blogger, you can run in to the opportunity to review clothes and shoes for the kids, along with yourself. While I've been the same size shoe for several years, kids are constantly growing, so I loved the idea of having a Squatchi to help stay up to date on my girls' feet. 

Not only did the thought cross my mind of being able to use this as reviews came in for shoes, but I love to shop online for special deals and the freedom to not leave my home, so always knowing their foot size would ensure I never had to guess or return an item once it arrived due to the wrong fit. 

Squatchi is a children's shoe sizer and keepsake growth chart to measure and track feet growth at home. It's a light weight, unbreakable foot measurement device made from recyclable plastic which means it can be stepped on without fear of breaking, and can least through several children. 

While I don't personally mark mine because I have four little girls, I think the idea of marking the date and size can give you a good timeline of how fast your child is growing and a keepsake if you'd like to have something like that. Since it measures the same as the US youth Brannock devices used by all shoe stores and manufacturers like Merrell and Nike kids shoes, you can have confidence that you're getting the correct size of shoe like you would in the stores when using their sizer. 

I have used this specifically twice now when reviewing and then also ordering shoes from FabKids and I prefer this over FabKids chart because it's been wrong for us in the past. This time, the shoes fit just right and I was able to see from using the Squatchi if I would need to possibly size up at all depending on how much room was left for their size. 

When you look on their website, you'll see they offer a couple different options depending on what you're looking for. While the website directs you to purchase from Amazon, there's 3 different links depending on which item you want to look more in to or purchase. 

According to Amazon, the foot sizer is $19.99, the twin pack is $39.99, and then the growth chart one is $44.99. You have to pay shipping for all of them, and again you purchase directly from Amazon. You can also purchase from Buy Buy Baby or Toys R Us online, and even Buy Buy Baby sells them in their stores! 

Over all the price does seem a little high for something you'll only use every couple months, but it is something nice to have laying around the house just in case. You never know when your kids might out grow a shoe or maybe a grand parent finds something at the store they want to get but needs to know their size. 

While I don't know how much it would cost to get the big heavy metal ones like at shoe stores, this is so much nicer because it's light weight, plastic, and a little smaller since it's aimed for mainly children. 

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