Monday, September 7, 2015

Baking with Krusteaz!

It began in 1932, with the women of a Seattle bridge club and a great idea they had for an easy-to-make pie crust. Since then, Krusteaz (a clever combination of "crust" and "ease") has come to stand for home-baked and convenient fresh-from-the-oven goodness. Over the years our product line has expanded to include muffins, brownies, breads, desserts and more.

Our girls love baking. Whether it's cookies, cupcakes, cakes, or pies, they love helping any way they can when it comes to the kitchen. Now that they're back in school, it's even more important to spend quality time together on the weekends, and Krusteaz was a fun review for us for that exact reason! The instructions are easy, directions are minimal, and the most important part is time together laughing and making yummy desserts. 

While the youngest was napping, two of my other three daughters wanted to help make cookies! We're all chocolate fans so Triple Chocolate Chunk was a must for all of us. It was pretty simple to get together, and after the girls got their Krusteaz aprons on, we were ready to get started! 

I'm not much of a cook or baker, so making things from scratch isn't ideal for me. I really like that out of all the cookie mixes we received, they only require two ingredients. It makes things easy for the kids as well because it's simple, and they can focus more on taking turns stirring and taste testing along the way. 

My batch of chocolate chip cookies came out a little off because I though the mix would be thicker to just roll in my hands to make small balls. Since this didn't happen I just put spoon blobs on the pan and they grew a lot bigger than I thought they would. To turn this oopsy around, we played with the cookie cutters and made the fun shapes which worked very well!

My husband wanted to do the Oatmeal Scotchie because he's not much of a chocolate person, and he really enjoyed these. I didn't try them because the Butterscotch chips inside, but he ate a couple and they held up a lot better when cooking! 

I looked up the chocolate chip to see if it's sold in my area and it's not, but I can purchase it for a little over $3 a box. It does seem a little high for a cookie mix, but they were very good and I can't help but snack on them through out the day. I can't wait to try the other flavors, and you can see all varieties they carry on their website. 

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Diana Chastain said...

Yay! Love this post. I'm doing a breakfast Night with Krusteaz soon. :)