Thursday, September 3, 2015

FXP Fitness Hula Hoop Workout

FXP Fitness was born from the belief that fitness should be an enjoyable experience that yields great results. It is our mission to develop Fun and Effective fitness programs that help individuals of all ages and stages, from newbies to ninjas, achieve the results they desire and connect with a community that motivates!

When the opportunity came up to review this fitness hula hoop, I was very excited! As a mother of four, I tend to pay attention to myself last and I could tell in the way my body looked. I hadn't been feeling good about my stomach area for a while, so when I got this review in the mail I couldn't wait to get it together! 

Inside each Starter Kit you get a hula hoop, carrying bag, non slip mat, level 1 DVD, and a workout guide. The FXP Starter Kit is specifically designed for those who are just beginning their fitness journey or are new to fitness hooping. 

It's so easy to set up this hula hoop because it quickly clicks in to each piece. Since you get a nice carrying bag, you can exercise and then take it apart and have it out of the way when not in use. 

The hula hoop was a lot bigger than I assumed it would be so it was hard at first to get used to it because my main way of using it in the beginning was like a normal hula hoop with no video. My girls really loved it as well, and got better at it than I am as an adult! 

I started watching my calorie intake by putting an app on my iPhone, I was doing the hula hoop for 10-20 minutes per day, and everything was going well. I could fell my muscles getting sore because they were being worked out, and I started to feel so amazing. 

After eight days of watching my calories, drinking more water (which meant a lot less soda) and doing some mild hooping, I was shocked to step on the scale and see such a huge difference! I only weighed myself that morning because I could feel the difference. While I could see a difference and knew there was a change, I NEVER would've expected such a drop in a short time like I did. 

I've been watching my calories for almost a month now, and I could see another change in my body. I seemed to be gaining some weight and I looked bloated unlike before, and I finally pin pointed my worry. That would be PREGNANCY! 

That's right! We're expecting baby #5, and here I was trying to loose all my baby weight and tone up again! I will say while we weren't expecting such a surprise addition to our family, I'm so happy with the progress I've seen so far with the hula hoop and I can't wait to use it after baby and hopefully loose the pounds quicker then ever before! 

You can purchase this starter kit for $44.95, but they have different kits depending on your style and those range up to $189.95. You get to pick your own color of hoop which is nice, and together with diet you too can see a difference in yourself! 

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