Sunday, September 6, 2015

Totally Hooked on Crochet: Slouch Beanie Review

I purchased this hat as a Buy1Get1 free combo for a giveaway as well. 
All opinions are my own! 

Totally Hooked Crochet is owned by my best friend. She's a stay at home mother of a little boy, and she crochets in her spare time for extra income. She's been doing it for several years and makes so many different things besides the hat I'll show you today. 

I've never been much of a hat person. Living in Indiana, I've always just dealt with the freezing ears and crazy wind, but as I've gotten older it's started bothering me more. Last Fall I got a scarf and ear cover up, but this Fall I wanted to venture out and get a slouch beanie. Now that I have a lot shorter hair then I used to, I thought it would look really cute, be different from what I'm used to, and update my style a bit to be more trendy. 

Since Angelina and I are also friends, she came over one day once the hat was done and I wore it the rest of the day. From the moment I put it on I fell in love. It's really soft, stays in place, and isn't hot like I thought it may be. The back slouch is perfect for my head size and it doesn't feel heavy in the back even though they're yarn back there. 

I like that it doesn't stretch out over time and it fits perfectly each time I wear it. I'll be even more excited once it does get cold enough so I can wear it every single day! I chose black because it goes with everything, but she has a bunch of colors you can request to get the perfect hat for you!

Examples of her work!

The last three photos are our own products we've bought, but you can tell I'm a fan of her work. She can also do boot cuffs, scarves, adult hats, and much more. You can visit her Facebook page to see more pictures of her pieces, and then you can also reach out to her through Facebook if you decide you'd like to order. 

The slouch beanie I have retails for $15 and it's worth it!! 
This price INCLUDES shipping if you're not local. 


Deanna McClellan said...

I'm hoping to learn how to crochet someday so I love seeing what others have made. Angelina's Minion hat is too cute! ;)

Crafty Zoo said...

What a cute beanie!!! Bet it keeps your head warm! That will certainly come in handy soon!

Amber Ludwig said...

Super cute!! I love it!! I have crazy curly hair and this could really save me on a crazy hair day!!!

Mariah Chezem said...

I love to knit buy haven't tried crocheting yet. Her work is cute! Love the baby hat.

Natalie B. said...

These beanies and hair pieces are so cute! I love that they're hand made too. Thanks for the review. :)