Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Huggies Little Movers Diapers For Your Active Baby

Huggies is a diaper brand founded in 1978 which makes diapers, wipes, Pull Ups and more. They strive for excellence and ensuring a safe and great product for our children. 

I have always loved Huggies diapers and prefer them over any other brand out there. We use them for all stages of our children, their wipes, and even their Pull Ups with our girls because they're a great company, I trust the brand, and they do their job well! 

Today I'd like to talk to you about their "Little Movers" type of diaper. It's especially great with active babies because of the contoured shape design, and it's perfect for the squirmy child that never wants to sit still anymore. 

Unfortunately our children have to age, and that means they learn to become mobile, discover they can move to different places, and over all discover new things in their surroundings. With this comes the joy of watching them learn and grow, but also ensuring their diaper is a good fit and stays on well. 

My favorite thing about the Little Movers diapers is the double grip strips! Once my girls start crawling and are constantly on the go, we can get some wing droop because they're so petite. With the special double grip strips, it ensures no more wing droop because it holds the diaper in place back at the hips along with the tabs that meet in the front. 

Because these diapers offer 12 hours leak protection, you're able to lay your baby down at night after a tough day of play and know that they'll wake up dry the next morning after their 8-12 hours of sleep. 

Whether your child is just learning to scoot across the floor, crawl like a pro, or walk around strutting their stuff, Huggies Little Movers is perfect for any active child. Since they range in sizes from 3-6, they start right at that active point when your child may start needing them the most. Once your child starts sitting up, they also have a nice secure band around the waist and legs to make sure everything stays inside, and with a dry touch liner, the diaper absorbs on contact with liquids so no blow outs here!

Tips for your active babies that we've used along the way would be putting toys just out of reach or electronics with noise to encourage your younger baby to learn to crawl/roll over. Once they start crawling be sure to baby proof important spots like outlets and stairs so you don't catch them trying to climb up them just yet, and then once they're learning to walk ensure the area is always clean so there's no tripping hazards until they get the hang of walking full time with ease. 

Always be sure to capture these special moments and milestones with video and photos, and then you'll have a lot of memories to look back on of their fun milestones!

Upload a photo or video of your moving baby using #SetBabyFree for the chance to be featured on Huggies social pages.