Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bright Time Buddies Nightlight *Holiday Gift Guide*

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

As we approach the upcoming Holiday season, Mama's Baby Cupcakes has teamed up with several companies we think would be a great fit to purchase/wear/give to others in the upcoming months. Thanks to each and every sponsor showcased in our Holiday Gift Guide, and if you see the cute button above then you know its Holiday approved!
Bright Time Buddies are the adorable night light friends that you can take with you anywhere! Great for boys And Girls Ages 3+ anywhere a night light is beneficial! 

Our third child Macyn has trouble sleeping in her room at night. She tries to make all kinds of excuses and ends up in our bed at some point every night. When I was pitched for some reviews, one being a Bright Time Buddies, I was interested in the idea that it could help her stay in her room if she has something fun close to her. While we have a small night light in her room already, it just doesn't seem like enough, so I've put this back until Christmas but wanted to share it with you all as a possible Christmas gift for your little ones! 

I chose Shimmer Unicorn for the girls because it's a fun girly little character. Since we have a house full of girls the unicorn is very fitting for us and I love the way it looks. They glow a variety of colors or you can choose only one color if your kids prefer that. The body is soft and squeezable and it's mobile since there's no plugs attached and works off batteries. 

You can find all six available for purchase on the Bright Time Buddies website for $14.95 plus $4.95 process and handling. They have a special Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal but you pay a second $4.95 processing fee. They also have a big set of tattoos you can add on for $1.99 for your kids and their new Buddies!! It's cute to personalize them a little and have your child get excited about their new nightlight. 

Connect with Bright Time Buddies on their website or Facebook where you'll see giveaways and promos! You can also find Bright Time Buddies in stores such as Toys R’ Us, Walmart, Kmart, CVS, and Target.