Friday, November 6, 2015

Cloth N' Stuff: Cloth Diaper Review

Cloth n' Stuff was founded by Jamie Hall-Lambert of Niagara out of her passion to be more environmentally friendly. We are a CPSC compliant business and started in 2014. 

We were emailed with an interest in a review so I checked with Angelina and she picked out the print you see above. While she has just one child right now, it's a fun tye-dye that is gender neutral and can last for years with the kiddos. Since its a more fitted diaper, it actually came out to be a bigger toddler size and will be great when other diapers start to get snug before potty training. 

Being that this is my first child and most of my stash is pocket one size diapers, I was a little taken aback with this diaper at first. While I wanted to try fitted for my son, I wasn't expecting it to be quite so big. He is 10 months old and right at 20lbs, but I can see this diaper fitting him for a very long time with all the room it has. I even put it on a 2 1/2yr old to compare and it fits her great so this will be go my "go to" diaper as he ages!

While the insert was something new for me since again, I'm used to pocket diapers, I was able to get the diaper on my son Trip and my niece for comparison photos of size. While it does fit Trip now, it's kind of baggy in the bum because of the insert. It fits my niece a lot better and matches the "toddler" tag that's on the inside. I love this print and while I don't use it as much right now, I'm excited to use it as he ages when the over all fit will be better suited for him. 

Connect with Cloth N' Fluff on her Facebook page to learn more about her work, see lots of fun cute prints, and how you can purchase. She has a Hyena Cart account, an Etsy account, and then a website/blog for info. Diaper retail is around $25!