Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Tips for Assembling the Perfect Diaper Bag

As a mother of four with her fifth child on the way, I think I've learned a thing or two about diaper bags. I remember when we had our first daughter and I would pack so many things just to go to Wal-Mart for an hour that I could barely zip the bag! It was stressful trying to remember everything and then try to shuffle through things once out to find what you need in the bag. As I age and have more children, I'm learning more and more about the few simple but important things I need in my diaper bag while on the go! Now a days I only take basic essentials with me while on the go, and as my kiddos age, the list of items gets smaller and smaller! 

5 Tips for Assembling the Perfect Diaper Bag

When you have small babies, you may need more items to ensure your time away is as painless as possible, but with toddlers it's a totally different story! I currently have two children that are in school full time and my two children at home are almost four and just turned two. While Macyn is older and finally potty trained, Macyn is fully dependent on diapers and Huggies are the only way we go for covering tushes! 

  1. Don't stress about packing your bag
  2. Consider how long you'll be gone
  3. Only pack essentials
  4. Buy an appropriate size bag for your needs
  5. Have a couple back up diapers/wipes in vehicle for emergency

I always carry my handy on the go case of Huggies wipes, a couple Huggies Little Movers diapers, and Mya's pacifier. While her Wubbanub is only in emergencies or crankiness, it's always a huge comfort for her and helps immensely. You never know what mess your toddler could make while out and about so packing an extra shirt is a nice option in case of spills, upchucks, or trips in to puddles, and last but not least is my trusty Aquaphor. Have you ever used this miracle cream?! I use it for dry lips, Eczema patches, diaper rashes, and other boo boos and it helps anything and everything quickly! 

The nice thing about not packing half my house when I go out is that I can simply carry a little bigger purse and it all fits nicely inside without the need of two bags. Having a big family, I can get scatter brained quickly, so not having to keep up with two bags is a huge plus for me. Since I have two school age children they can help at times keep track of the bag too, but having everything in my purse means I'm wearing it all, it's in close reach, and I'm less likely to misplace something since a purse holds such important items like my wallet. 

I recently discovered Sam's Club and their great selection of diapers and wipes. I was thrilled over the Summer when I took a trip with my father and saw the huge boxes of diapers I could get from them and how long they can last before I have to buy again. Just today we went to Sam's Club again since my father is in town and picked up a nice big box of Little Movers diapers for Mya. I really loved their diaper display that you can see above which really shows all the technology used with creating this diaper. 

Available in sizes 3-6, Little Movers are great for the active baby/toddler in your life. These diapers offer 12 hours of leak lock protection which is great for night time, a dry touch liner that absorbs on contact, and the double grip strips accompanied with the snug fit waist band ensure that the diaper stays in place and stays on well. 

Mya just had her two year check up so I know she's 35" tall and weighs 26lbs. She fits the best in a size 5 diaper. The double grip strips are my favorite feature of this diaper because they truly hold everything in place and we don't suffer wing droop from front sagging. 

checking out our cart by highlighting our receipt

While $40 for diapers may sound like so much money, this one box of 124 can last us several weeks. It's great for holding everything in at night and since they're not cheap diapers she's not needing changed every five minutes because it's sagging full. The smaller size of diapers you need the more you get per pack, and then you can also find a variety of wipes and Pull-Ups in the same section. I love that all the Huggies are together and in one nice spot so I can purchase for everyone at once that I need to because Macyn wears Pull-Ups out of our house and we'll soon be welcoming a new baby that'll need diapers. 

I've always been a fan of Huggies diapers since we had our first daughter in 2007. There's no doubt that they strive to provide the best disposable diaper on the market and I love them for that. I was thrilled when I got the chance to work with them again and Sam's Club on this new feature with Huggies and their Little Movers diapers.

With Sam's Club membership you can also purchase diapers and wipes with free shipping, freedom to go in and out as you please with a simple show of your card at the door, and a nice drive up loading section to load your vehicle in the front. 

There are varying types of subscriptions you can purchase, but everyone needs a card to shop if you're not already with a card holder. You can purchase a subscription for $45/year and that let's you have two members with their own cards, or you can have a $100/year subscription which has some more features to it and offers up to eight cards per account.