Sunday, December 6, 2015

Contours Twist Grow-With-Me Booster Seat

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Contours is a premium baby gear brand that is focused on providing families with innovative single and double strollers, bassinets, and more.

I always love a good seat for kids, but when I read about the Contours Grow-With-Me seat, I was blown away at it's possibilities! Since baby no. five will be arriving in the Spring, I wanted to review this seat to give options to our two toddlers and then having something to place baby in while on the floor once they're four months or older. Since this seat is made for children ranging in age from four months to four years old, I love the versatility for several children in my family just like other families reading this. 

While I currently don't have a baby, I do have a doll from my childhood that is about the size of a normal 5-6 month old baby. She was used for the infant floor mode and I really like how it looks over all when testing with her. I used Bumbos with my older children and they always gave me problems for one reason or another. This booster solved all those dilemmas and added some nice features as well. 

The first thing I noticed with the floor mode and small babies is the high back for the child. While it may be different with an actual small baby, I like how it fully supports the body all around with good size leg slots but having the separator in the middle. The piece in the middle of the legs will be great for squirmy babies and wanting to wiggle out before you can get to them. Another huge plus is the safety belt. Because of this you can buckle your child in and know they're secure and that if something happens they'll be safe and snug in the seat. The little tray is nice when they get older and start learning how to pick up little snacks and goodies with their fingers. 

Once your child is eating full time meals with you, it's ideal to put their booster in a kitchen chair full time. Thankfully with two sets of straps, this booster secures easily and tightly to chairs and stays in place. This is also the time I would stop using the tray and just push them up to the table with all of us. Again, having a safety belt ensures that they won't fall out or get down without your help, and since the green pad is foam, it easily wipes clean and leaves no mess behind!

Once your child hits the older age for this booster, the foam pad comes off to create a little more depth in the seat which makes more room over all. Macyn will be four years old in February so she does look a little bigger for it because she's so tall, however, it helps a lot when it comes to her sitting at the table. 

  • Swivels 180° to five different positions
  • Foam seat pad easily wipes clean
  • 3-point restraint keeps baby secure
  • Removable tray for snacks and toys
  • Foam seat pad removes for older babies
  • Seat securely attaches to most chairs for booster modes

Available in three different colors berry, aqua, green} MSRP for this booster seat is $69.99. You can shop online for this seat through {currently on sale $10 less with Prime} or for a few pennies less. Since it's a seat that can last you for four years, pivots 180 degrees, and is easily cleanable, it's well worth the investment for parents, especially if you plan on expanding your family. 

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Dagmar Lesher said...

This kind of reminds me of the bumbo. I would love this, looks awesome!

Crystal Gomez said...

These are so neat! I love how you can remove the foam so it grows with your kid! I really like the blue one!

Synaptrix777 said...

I really like how long you can use this, the berry color is my favorite.

tisonly143 said...

I love the fact that this booster chair can grow with your child, its so
hard to find one that is good and durable like this one to do that, and Love
the fun pops of colors they come in.